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Urine and hair follicle test.

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I have been workings in my job for about 10 years and suffer from what appears to be poor memory, it is very difficult to read a book and retain the information, I do not have any problems regarding work performance. I been to 3 psychiatrists 2 of which state I do not have ADD but some anxiety issues , the other doctor states ADD is possibility.i just need something to help me retain information or allow me to finally read a book. I don't believe I have add either. I am fearful of drug testing in the workplace but I really want to finish school, I am in my late 30s. My current doc prescribed me strattera which has slightly helped me with memory retention. But the strattera effects are mild at best. I used lexapro last year for a month but stopped out of fear of getting fired from my workplace. The lexapro seemed to have helped me want to read and retain some information. My workplace randomly test it's workers for illegal drugs. My question is will strattera,lexapro or fluextine(prozac) show up on a urine and more importantly a HAIR follicle test as a false positive for any other substance. I was on strattera but I stopped last week because I have not been tested in a while and I really don't want to lose a really good job. I can't lose my job as I have a family and kids, however I would like to move up in the company and pass the exams needed to move up in the company. Again I have no issues with any work in the field it's just reading comprehension and retainment while studying. When I read a book it seems one page will take me a eternity and I constantly read it over and over. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you for your question:

Reputable drug testing programs confirm all tests with GC/MS - technology that eliminates the issues with false positive. You will see long lists of drugs that reportedly cause false positive drug tests on various websites. These false positives only cause false positives on immunoassay screening tests such as home tests, dipsticks and other "instant" tests. This does NOT occur with GC/MS technology.

Hair tests are done with GC/MS or LC-MS/MS and therefore is no subject to the false positives from other medication.

You should also know that drug testing is done to detect and deter use of illegal drugs or prescription medication abuse. The fact that you have a valid prescription for a medication would be a valid medical explanation for a drug test which identified that particular drug.

NONE of you medications should cause any problems with drug tests.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your expert opinion, would your answer or mind set change if I stated I,work in the field of law enforcement?
No, this would not change my answer. Obviously if you had severe psychiatric problems that impaired your judgement this would be an issue. These particular drugs would not in my opinion be an issue by themselves
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I gave you a excellent rating
Thank you very much. Please feel feel free to ask for me the next time you need help.