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Dream Symbolist
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Category: Dream Interpretation
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My boyfriend and I haven't been real close of late. He

Customer Question

My boyfriend and I haven't been real close of late. He confessed to me that he was planning on leaving me and taking our two daughters. Last night I dreamt he was helping me commit suicide. When he slashed my wrists for me, I started to go, but I couldnt die, so he tried to smother me. But he closed his eyes tight, and wouldnt look at me, and begged me not to look at him. He couldnt do it, so I told him to go and get some insulin to inject me, send me into diabetic shock, that wouldn't show on an autopsy, I was in pain, having lost so much blood. I was feeling relief and love. He was doing me a loving thing. But then I woke up. I feel no anger to him, but I really want to know why id dream this
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr.G. replied 5 months ago.

From what you describe, the dream is a reflection of the heart break and turmoil that is occurring in your life with him. It seems that the disruption in your life, which may now entail a breakup and loss of relationship, was symbolized by the suicide attempt you dreamt about. As things settle down in your life, those types of dreams should subside.

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