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I'm 70 but in my dreams I'm always in my 30's. Last nite I

Customer Question

i'm 70 but in my dreams I'm always in my 30's. Last nite I dreamed I was at a class reunion but it was like Six Flags over Texas but in a college dorm. And I'd wonder around just looking at people. Then one lady came up and put her lips on mine and began speaking and I told her if she didn't stop I'd have to kiss her. She left with some more people amd sat down at a table. I just kept walking around looking at everyone. Then I woke up.
I really think sometimes I'm going crazy or losing my mind. I live alone out in the country and have for several years. And besides the dream above I've had crazy dreams before.
So am I losing my mind or what ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

It sure sounds like your dream is trying to compensate for your present lifestyle: You're actually living alone with NO intimate contact with anybody @ age 70; but in your dream you're getting back together with people like those you had easy access to in college. In fact the mere opportunity to SPEAK with a woman turns into a lip-to-lip erogenous experience that turns you on so much you admit you'll have to start kissing her. ONE main guidance message of the dream is clear: YOU NEED TO GET BACK TO HAVING CLOSE RELATIONS to other people if you're going to lead a balanced life! Your mind is telling you "Don't give up on relating to other people or you will lose me--because I/you need erotic&emotional connections. (Of course Freud & dream research have agreed that most dreams are accompanied by erotic arousal in the dreamer's body, so it's no surprise that your longing for human contact would have erotic overtones.)

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