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I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a beautiful

Customer Question

I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a beautiful & healthy baby boy (it was so realistic) far from surreal because My current partner was also present in this dream at the time of Me giving birth to Our son. but then what seemed to and felt like an overwhelmingly happy dream suddenly became almost like a nightmare causing Me to feel feelings of angst, desperation, doubt, worry, confusion, despair, sad, lost & bewildered when upon bringing the baby home from the hospital upon My partner (the baby boys father)changing baby boys nappy it was revealed that it was not our baby and that of a another (switched at birth) because this baby was a girl with much darker features and body weight differed from that of the original baby boy I had given birth to in the beginning of My dream.
it was now that I was feeling fears of My baby being swapped at the hospital with somebody elses, this dream was one of the most intense & life like dreams I have ever endured
please tell Me what this could all mean
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.
Giving birth to a baby is a generic symbol for sprouting a new part of yourself. But when the father is your current partner, the baby is directly related to your relationship, and is typically around the same age as your relationship itself. The key surprises (which means the NEWEST NEWS) in your dream are that your baby is NOT the beautiful healthy boy you were convinced you had just borne, but a sudden emergence of angst, desperation, doubt, worry, confusion (etc) that also appeared UNDER THE Changing efforts of your partner to be a baby girl WITH DARKER FEATURES and different body weight: WAS IT HEAVIER OR LIGHTER?If you have a lighter complexion than the girl baby--and/or if the girl baby is either Heavier or more lightweight/fragile than the boy baby you thought you had produced--then this surprising and disorienting ("LOST & BEWILDERED") development may symbolize that something has just changed (under your partner's attention) into a relationship full of very unpleasant and vulnerable emotions: Meaning PERHAPS that the effect of intimacy with him is turning a happy, self-confident, competent, strong-male-like image of yourself into something more feminine, but also vulnerable, dark (as in manifesting unattractive emotional qualities you listed) insecure, and unattractive. So you're in danger of "losing" your independent, centered self-esteem and becoming all those undesirable aspects of a girl-baby that you've listed with unflattering names.I don't know anything about you (like age and life goals and lifestyle) or what has just changed about your love relationship (such as some serious talk of having a child together). I could assk if Perhaps you have based your self-esteem on a "girl-next-door" or even "hero-athlete" image, and all of a sudden you are faced with all these "unheroic" emotions, as something your partner actually WANTS from you--or at least as a natural consequence of what he DOES want from you (Such as more passivity, less competitive skills, less headstrong certainty)--or even not necessarily from what HE wants from you but just because of the unknown and uncharted territory where your relationship is now headed.Please comment on what change is now apparently shifting your self-image into a "darker" area that you have not appreciated in the past (Like perhaps you're being asked to give up your successful worklife and become a "traditional woman" in a supportive role, which seems to throw you into a shadowy dungeon surrounded by the feminine characteristics you've worked hard to set aside. (These characteristics apparently belong to your "shadow" now, because they are underdeveloped. But they could become positive characteristics if you embrace them and learn how to live out the valuable guidance and behavior they can lead to as your new baby-girl begins to develop.It's also possible that the baby girl represents the changed relationship itself--so it could also manifest in emotions you will BOTH need to embrace, develop and learn from. In fact, the early phase of a love relationship could be the healthy beautiful boybaby without the balance of emotions that now needs to come with the more difficult and less "beautiful" midstage, when BOTH of your undesired sides begin to surface and show up as "unbeautiful" to yourself and your partner.Please let me know what you think.

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