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Dream Symbolist
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I had been having these reoccurring dreams that I

Customer Question

For years I had been having these reoccurring dreams that I would go back to karate on the day of my black belt testing but the dream would always end there. So in November of 2014 after the dreams started becoming more frequent I finally decided that in the new year of 2015 I would return and complete the goal. All was going well until I received a concussion in one of my sparing (fighting) matches during training at my karate dojo about 2 months ago, and it unfortunately caused a big setback for me. After seeing my doctor not long afterwards she recommended that I don't engage in any combat activities like that for 6-8 weeks after my concussion symptoms had completely gone away. Fortunately for me they went away 2-3 days after the incident and now I'm good. Unfortunately though however, the incident left a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively speaking) in regards ***** ***** whole pursuit. I've been contemplating if it's worth going after my goal at the risk of another head injury. In all honesty, the specific shot I took to my head which caused the concussion was illegal and it was accidentally initiated by me because I was hitting my opponent harder than I should have which upset him obviously; so it's not to say that ordinary sparring has great risks of head injuries for a few reasons - we wear protective headgear, we're only supposed to hit with 70-80% of our maximum power (some guys break these rules unfortunately though) and you can personally say to your opponent at the start of each match "no punches to the head or face." Kicking is however permitted to the head and face but very few people have both the combination of reach and explosive power with their kicks to do real damage to that area.
All this being said, I am still afraid of going back into full contact sparring. I'm afraid that I will be at risk for getting another concussion. It's got me wondering if it's worth chasing this dream anymore .... I don't know if this fear is merely just a post-traumatic stress fear (psychological) or if it's entirely valid?!?!? Please help me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 1 year ago.
May I ask you some questions about feelings and meanings in your dream & in your life; as details, feelings, perceptions
can give you insights.

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