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Jane Lefler
Jane Lefler, Animal Behaviorist
Category: Dog Training
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Experience:  Behaviorist /Trainer and Dog breeder 18+ years
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My granddaughter left her dog at my house her dog has now started

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My granddaughter left her dog at my house her dog has now started fighting with a female dog that hangs around my house it happens when im around befor my granddaughter left these dogs were friends played together etc
Hi JaCustomer,.My name is Jane. I have been working professionally with animals especially dogs in both health and behavioral issues for over 18 years. I have over 14,000 satisfied customers. It will be my pleasure to work with you today. .In order to supply you with the best information, I do need to ask for some additional information. Once I receive your answer, it will likely take me about 30-45 minutes to type up your response. I hope you can be patient. .What breed is mixed with the lab if you know?How many months old is she?Is she spayed?Are these dogs running loose?What obedience training have she had?Are they drawing blood when fighting?Can you describe in detail a typical incident?What have you tried to stop the behavior?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

mia is about 7months old all i know is she a lab i live in the country as a rule she does not leave my property like i said this is my granddaughters dog i dont know the answer about her training the last fight the other dog made mia bleed first time i was getting groceries out of my car both dogs came up i heard a growl the they started fighting second time they were in the yard and started fighting my grandson had to make mia let go of the other dog every time the other dog tried to get away mia was allover her again i think she would have killed the other dog if my grandson had not held her down and made her let go no she has not been spayed gleandahart

Hi Gleanda,
It sounds like Mia is becoming sexually mature and could possibly be in heat. When dogs become sexually mature and especially when they are in heat, fights can occur. Only the strongest, most dominant dogs have the right to mate in the wild, so fights occur to ensure the strongest dogs are the ones procreating. This behavior often continues in the domestic dog. So it may be that the two dogs are fighting because Mia is no longer content to be submissive to the other dog.
Also now that Mia is maturing into an adult, she should be more territorial about "her" yard and her people of which you are now her people since your granddaughter left her at your house. There are a few things to do to help resolve this issue. One is to get her spayed. That will stop any fights related to her going into heat and have the added benefit of preventin gyou from dealing with puppies in a few months.
The other thing is to start working with her on obedience training. This will establish you as her boss and she will listen even if she wants to fight with the other dog. When you notice her show signs of aggression toward another dog such as a prolonged stare, growl or hair raised on her shoulders, you could call her to you and make her sit. However, it is her territory and a good option would be to make the other dog go home to avoid altercations.
The following site is helpful for teaching you how to train your dog. Be sure and click on the link to the page on obedience at the bottom. and links on subsequent pages leading to detailed instructions.
Training works best if you train at least 30 minutes a day (two 15 minute sessions). I would start making your dog work via the Nothing in life is free program (NILF). It is outlined below.
A better companion for her to play with would be a young male dog but as I mentioned, pups would ensue once she went into heat. The best solution would be contain her either in a kennel or inside unless you have her leashed. If she is used to being able to be outside and un fenced, she may not like being contained, but would likely not want to be inside all the time either.
I hope this information is helpful to you and you are satisfied with my response. If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don’t hesitate to press the reply to expert or continue conversation button so I can address any issues you still have .
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