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Rebecca, Dog Veterinarian
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I have a female afghan hound who is shaking her head. She

Customer Question

I have a female afghan hound who is shaking her head. She has had yeast infections in her ears before, but is now on a grainfree diet and only one ear is involved. The discharge is clear but does build up in the hair below her ear. She wipes it on everything
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. There are all sorts of infestations the Afghan hound can pick up. I'll have you talk to the Veterinarian who'll sort out what is wrong and help you decide what to do about it. What is the Afghan hound's name and age?
Customer: Jezibel and she is an intact female age 9.5
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Jezibel?
Customer: nothing related to this
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Rebecca replied 10 months ago.


I am sorry to hear you are worried about Jezibel. My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help.

The first thing I would want to do is look into the ear with an otoscope to look for a weed seed or a tick inside the ear, and to sure the ear drum is intact. You can only see about 1/3 of the ear canal when you look inside without a scope, and you cannot see the ear drum. Sometimes dogs shake their heads like this trying to dislodge something caught in the ear like a foxtail (grass awn, grass seed) or tick.

The clear discharge could be infection. The yeast infections usually cause a reddish brown or dark discharge.

Do you have an ear cleaning solution you have used in the past? You could try gently cleaning the ear with that, or with a water/vinegar solution: pour it in gently, massage the ear gently, and then let her shake it all out. After she shakes, dry off the ear.

Anti histamines might help if this is from an allergic reaction to pollen or mold or dust. We don't know why but we can see just one ear affected by allergies. You can give Benedryl, 25 mg per 25 pounds of body weight, twice to 3 times daily, or Claritin 5 to 10 mg once daily.

Let me know what other questions I can answer.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I guess the answer is I need to take her to the vet.
Expert:  Rebecca replied 10 months ago.

If you want to know if there is anything in the ear, causing her problem, and that her ear drum is intact, you need to use an otoscope. If something is in the ear, down near the ear drum, you can't remove it at home, you have to use the otoscope to guide a long instrument that will reach to the ear drum. If my own dog had something in her ear like a "foxtail" weed seed or a tick, I could not help her at home; I would have to take her to the office and use an otoscope.

You can try the other things I suggested: flushing her ear with a water/vinegar solution to see if cleaning out her ear will help, trying the antihistamines to see if that stops the itching/shaking, you can apply Cortaid or Cortisone 10 to her ear if it is red. If none of these help, and she has something lodged inside her ear, the best thing is to see a veterinarian and get a good look down to the ear drum.

Let me know if I can answer any other of your questions.

Expert:  Rebecca replied 9 months ago.

How is Jezibel doing? Was this helpful?