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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  BVMS, MRCVS. { Glasgow UK }
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We have 3 year old brussels griffon, we left her at the house

Customer Question

we have 3 year old brussels griffon, we left her at the house all day while we had to drive to columbus for my cancer treatment, we got home she goes into her spastic behavior and believed she may have pulled a hind musleafter her jumping and showing love, she just stop and now is crying and wimpering ???what is going on your have cats also love the pic,,wife said to tell u that,,,,,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thanks for requesting me, Just to let you know that I am locked on to your question and am working on it now.I will do my best to answer your question to your satisfaction today. You can expect a written reply sometime within the next five to ten minutes or so.Regards,Dr Scott
Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 1 year ago.
Hello again and thanks for waiting.I have worked out an answer for you below ...1. I have certainly known dogs get a strain or sprain in their legs through excitedly jumping up to greet their owners, and this can be a very painful condition for them particularly in the first couple of hours after it happened. 2. If the above is the diagnosis and this is just a simple strain or sprain then many owners would try and handle the situation with strict rest plus an anti-inflammatory drug { such as aspirin }. With luck a couple of days rest and then a gradual return to exercise may well resolve things. 3. On a short term home remedy aspirin would be much safer and more effective than the other over the counter human pain killers and aspirin is in any case sometimes prescribed for dogs. A typical dose rate would be 5 mg per pound of your dog's body weight twice daily. The judgement whether to dose with aspirin is of course up to you but here is a link to a an accurate web page with all the facts you might need including contraindications etc. : LINK 4. Of course if things do not quickly improve or if you note any deterioration then the safest thing to do would be to have your vet check her over. Hopefully this will not be necessary though ... I hope I have covered your question fully enough but if you would like further clarification or to talk things over a bit more then I will be on-line for the next hour or so and I will be more than pleased to continue working with you.Regards, ***** be kind enough to rate my service to you after we have concluded our dialogue, such feedback helps me maintain the quality of my answers.

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