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Dr. Emily
Dr. Emily, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  Associate veterinarian at a small animal clinic
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Is there a rivaroxabam ?

Customer Question

is there a rivaroxabam for dogs?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Emily replied 2 years ago.
Rivaroxaban is not routinely used in dogs. The studies done do show some anti coagulant effects in dogs, just as in humans, but there is not a product labeled for dog use. The research is quite limited and any dose is considered extra label. If used, the medication would be the same as the human compound. Typically aspirin or Plavix is used for anti platelet properties and heparin or warfarin are used for anti coagulation. Please let me know what further questions I can answer for you on this subject.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
so i would have to use the people drug which costs about $300.?
Expert:  Dr. Emily replied 2 years ago.
Yes, the human formulation is the only option. Because it would have no insurance coverage, it would be the out of pocket "cash" price that the pharmacy charges. The exact cost depends on the individual pharmacy and area so I cannot confirm the $300. My husband is a pharmacist so if you need me to research cost, I can but it will take a bit of time. Just let me know.
Expert:  Dr. Emily replied 2 years ago.
I haven't heard back from you and wanted to check in. What further questions can I answer for you?