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Female spayed dog Goldendoodle.We noticed faint blood on the

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Female spayed dog Goldendoodle.We noticed faint blood on the carpet and near her vaginal area. She also seems to not control her peeing very well at today. She is vomiting a little too

Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.

It sounds like Izzy has a urinary tract infection. The inflammation, in the lining of the urinary tract, causes it to bleed as the urine passes over the inflamed spots.

The inflammation also causes pain which makes her feel like she must go where she is at the time. It can also cause her to have to urinate more frequently even though her bladder is not full.

The vomiting can be from stress.

If you take her to a vet, the vet will test her urine.

If it appears that she has an infection, she will be given antibiotics. She may be given pain medication as well.

There is really nothing over the counter that you can use to treat a urinary tract infection.

You can give her a human stomach acid reducer to help settle her stomach.

You can use one tablet of Pepcid, or zantac, every 12 hours if she is over 50 pounds. You can buy it at the drug store or grocery store.

I hope this helps.

If you have additional questions, please reply.

Thank you.

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