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Dr. Raymond
Dr. Raymond, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  Hello! My name is Dr. Kevin Raymond with 13 years of experience. I truly understand how much our furry loved ones mean to us.
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My 3 yoa male neutered Springer Spaniel is ill. I took him

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My 3 yoa male neutered Springer Spaniel is ill. I took him to our local vet yesterday. After many blood & urine tests he was diagnosed w/a UTI. His fever was 105.1. He was given a shot to reduce the fever & sent home w/antibiotics. I checked his temp last night: 100.1. He rested well during the night. I just checked it 25 min. ago: 105.3. Put him in the "doggie pool" (feet only) for 10 mins & had him drink some more water then rechecked his temp. 105.1. Could you plz advise me on how to quickly lower his temp.? He is currently in an air conditioned room with a fan blowing on him. He easily took his antibiotic dose last night & again this morning, both times with meals.
Hello, I am sorry to hear about Simon and his UTI and high fever. My name isXXXXX and I have been treating dogs and cats in California for 13 years. You are doing the right things to cool him down by having a fan on him and keep him in air conditioned room. You could consider damping his fur lightly with water too to help with evaporative cooling. A few questions for you so I can better understand what is going on....
1. I assume his bloodwork was normal, correct? Does he have any other medical conditions and as he ever had a UTI before?
2. Are they running a culture and sensitivity on the urine sample to make sure he is on the right antibiotic as we are seeing many antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria? Your vet should be able to call the lab and have them run a culture and sensitivity to make sure he is on the right on.
3. Is Simon showing any other signs of disease like weakness, lack of appetite, vomiting and/or diarrhea?
I would continue taking his temp every 4-6 hours as sometimes temps go back up right before the next antibiotic dose is given. I would also ask you vet for an NSIAD (non steroid anti-inflammatory) as that would help with pain and reduce the fever. I would also consider asking your vet to add in a stronger antibiotic while you wait for the culture results. I would add water to his skin and maybe even a few ice cubes in his water. My bigger concern though is that he may not be on the right antibiotic. Hopefully he is and he just needs more doses until the fever gets better, any temp under 102.5 is normal. I look forward to hearing from you in response to my questions. My thought are with you and little Simon. Best regards, XXXXX XXXXX Raymond

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Hello again, I was checking in on Simon and seeing how he is doing. I hope is fever is under better control with his UTI. Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance. Thanks, Dr. Kevin Raymond