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I have been mixing garlic salt in my dogs food since I was

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I have been mixing garlic salt in my dogs food since I was a little boy living on a farm growing up. I learned to do this when I was a young boy and was told that it was needed to keep our dogs free from worm, fleas ,and ticks. from what I can remember it worked now to my question. Today I was helping a friend feed their dog and went to do it like I always have till my friend stopped me then informed me that garlic salt s toxic to dog and I was wanting to know if their was any truth to what I had learned as a young boy and compared to what I was just told.
Technically speaking, garlic is toxic to dogs.

However, they would have to eat a large quantity of garlic to see these effects. for a 50 pound dog, it would take 25grams of garlic to have any adverse effects.

The salt in the garlic salt will make them sick before they get enough garlic to cause a problem.

Dr. Stacy
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