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Dr.Melody, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 18
Experience:  Licensed Veterinarian with four years of clinical experience in small animal medicine. Special interests include internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.
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he is tightening his stomach like he needs to take a BM but

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My dog is tightening his stomach like he needs to take a BM but he is lying down, he does this when he is breathing in, but not with every breath and he even grunts a little bit. He is also burning up and I gave him a baby aspirin. He is breathing like he just got done playing but has not been. He has been lying down and has vomited today, I believe twice already and he wont eat. I have already given him pepto and he has had a BM today with no complications and no blood in the stool. Please Help

DrMelody : Hello I am Dr. Melody and am pleased to help you with your question today. I have a few questions that will help guide our conversation.
DrMelody : 1) What type of dog is he?
DrMelody : 2) Is there a possibility that he ate something he shouldn't have? A toy, rocks, bone, bedding etc?
DrMelody : 3) Have you given any other medications besides the pepto and baby aspirin?

1. he is a dashound


2. not that I'm aware of, my grandparents were with him the better part of the day since I was at work and they said he stayed with them and whenever they went to a different room he followed them so I highly doubt he swallowed something other than his dog food. 3. Gatorade ...

DrMelody : Do you have a thermometer you wouldn't mind sacrificing to take his rectal temperature?
DrMelody : Your grandparents don't feed him table scraps or bone do they?

I don't have one, If I did I would take his temp. I just want him to get better.


I have noticed with him laying beside me on the bed. he is drooling. not excessive but enough to notice he is :|but its only on the side that is coming into contact with the bed

DrMelody : What did he eat for dinner?
DrMelody : or at the last meal he had?
DrMelody : If you look at his gums are they pink?
DrMelody : When he vomited what did it contain? Food? Bile?

I feed him the pedigree dog food in a can. its the soft kind. yes his gums are pink


his dog food. it was his dog he puked it up at round 12: 45 pm. he was feed alil early than that maybe around 9 - 10 am. so he didn't throw it up right after eating but a few hours afterwards

DrMelody : Well, it's difficult to say exactly why this is happening but it does seem that with the drooling he is still nauseated and having abdominal pain.
DrMelody : does his belly feel tense?
DrMelody : if you touch his belly does he grunt?

yes, when he breathes every now and then he will tighten his stomach inward, sometimes he does it a lil hard he farts a little bit.

DrMelody : Poor guy!!

his belly feels alil tense and he grunts but not loudly.

DrMelody : Would you be able to take him to the veterinarian? I'm worried because if how painful his belly is. When it's so tense and they grunt like that it means pretty intense pain. I would be concerned about a foreign body having lodges in the intestines somewhere causing an obstruction and pain. Pancreatitis is also a possibility which can be painful. This usually occurs when they are fed, or get into a food that is of higher fat than they are used to
DrMelody : a simple case of gastroenteritis usually doesn't lead to this tense of a belly

how do they treat for pancreatitis ? I believe I could meet my vet in the morning. I don't want to hurt


he will come if it's an emergency, so I believe i will take him to the vet tomorrow morning

DrMelody : I think that is the best thing to do. Tonight You can try some Pepcid AC, however if he is vomiting it will be difficult for any oral medications to stay down and be effective. How much does he weigh about?

around 18 pounds


maybe 17

DrMelody : Give me a few moments to do a couple calculations


DrMelody : You can give a 10 mg Pepcid AC every 12 hours, the generic is called famotidine. It is a gastric acid reducer and can help a little if he keeps it down


DrMelody : To treat pancreatitis, depending on the security it is supportive care. We give an injection for nausea, usually famotidine IV, sometimes antibiotics, pain medication and fluids. The IV route is used until they are improved enough to handle oral meds.
DrMelody : Sorry, severity not security

what chance do i have ?

DrMelody : I would not give any more pepto or aspirin. Do let the veterinarian know what has been given to avoid any interactions


DrMelody : The chances of a positive outcome depend on the underlying cause
DrMelody : if it is a mild case of pancreatitis your chances are good

well it just happened all of a sudden. he has been eating the same dog food since i can remember

DrMelody : if it is a foreign body or obstruction it depends on the location

i just don't understand why this is happening



DrMelody : I know, it's very strange. Your grandparents did not report anything unusual?
DrMelody : no new treats?
DrMelody : No table scraps? No bones?

no. just that they noticed that he was acting sluggish and tired. nothing dramatic. no human food. we have not had anything with bones in it for the last week or 2

DrMelody : He didn't get into a ton of cat food or kitty litter?

don't have a cat


he's a inside dog

DrMelody : I'm sorry I can't help pinpoint a cause...
DrMelody : that is strange


DrMelody : Try to keep him relaxed and give the Pepcid. I hope that will make him feel a little better

i will check to see if i have Pepcid, but okay

DrMelody : It is my goal to give excellent customer service and if you feel this chat was anything less than that please let me know and I will be happy to help in any other way I can
DrMelody : I really hope he feels better soon!

i do thank you Dr. melody. i just hope he gets better :) thank again

DrMelody : you are welcome and if you have any questions after your veterinarian appointment we are here for you

thank you :) i will come back if i need to. thank you and be blessed

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Hi Amber,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Rowdy. How is everything going?