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Dr. Altman
Dr. Altman, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  Practicing small animal veterinarian for 17 years.
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My dog repeatedly sticks his tongue out like he has something in his m

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my dog is repeatedly sticking out his tongue like he has something in his mouth but i don't see anything in his mouth. any suggestions please?

Welcome to Just answer

Can you describe how he is sticking his tongue out? Is he licking his lips or closing his mouth and the tip of his tongue is sticking out?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
He is closing his mouth and repeatedly sticking his tongue out like he had peanut butter.

dogdoc4u :
How long has this been going on?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
About 3 days. I noticed it after he played with a furry toy, threw the toy away and don't see anything in his mouth.

dogdoc4u :
Is he panting or pacing at all?
Nothing between his front teeth or sideways on the roof of his mouth?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
He is panting a little...will lay on the wood floor like he is hot. Nothing between his teeth. Will check roof of his mouth.

dogdoc4u :
Front teeth can be difficult to see, especially top front teeth

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
Don't feel anything on roof of mouth

dogdoc4u :
Were you able to check the front teeth?
How often is he doing this? All the time, after meals, etc?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
Can't see front teeth very well. He does this especially after eating but this evening it has been continuous for about 45 min.

dogdoc4u :
Is he pacing? Does he ever pant regularly?
Or just after exercise and with stress?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
not pacing but can't get settled. Usually pants when he is hot not regularly

dogdoc4u :
I am highly suspicious he is going through bouts of nausea more then anything else

Do you have any pepcid or prilosec at home?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
No but I can get some. He is not vomiting and eats. Do you think its like reflux?

dogdoc4u :
Not very common in dogs but nausea in dogs is reflected by licking lips or increased salivation. In littler dogs they have a tendency to lick their lips

How much does he weigh?

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
17 lbs

dogdoc4u :
OK so I would give 1/2 of a prilosec 20 mg (omeprazole) once daily or 1/2 tab of a pepcid (famotidine) 10 mg every 12 hours

This will help with the nausea

Also, after eating go on a nice long walk tonight as it sounds like he is very uncomfortable. This helps stimulate gi emptying and helps with the nausea

It really does sound like nausea that is escalating...if it continues I would advise having a veterinary exam to determine the underlying cause

My little dog does this when she is nauseous and I am able to curtail the vomiting if I catch it early enough

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
he did have a large bowel movement about 4 hours ago. how long should do this prilosec

dogdoc4u :
I would do it 3-5 days

JACUSTOMER-ruar64kk- :
ok.thank you very much

dogdoc4u :
You are very welcome

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How did things go last night? Is he feeling better?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

A little bit...has more pep but still licking the air and just not himself. Thanks.

Have you continued the antacid? If it continues, you may want to have a veterinary exam to ensure nothing more serious is going on...