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Can I use small amount of vagisil or monistat in my dogs ear?

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Can I use small amount of vagisil or monistat in my dogs ear? I have been battling the infection for months with a vet med called dermalone, but the infection comes back when I stop using it.

Rebeccavet :

Hi JACustomer,

Rebeccavet :

Thank you for asking about your dog.

Rebeccavet :

These medications can be used, but have a couple of drawbacks. One is that I think they are fairly thick, and might clog the ear, or make it difficult to keep clean. Putting them deep into the ear canal would not be a good idea.

Rebeccavet :

And they do not contain an ingredient for inflammation, which is the underlying problem in dogs with yeast ear infections.

Rebeccavet :

There is always yeast in dogs' ears, in small numbers. But if the ear becomes inflammed from an infection or allergy, the inflammation allows the ear to become more moist, the pH changes, the ear gets warmer, and this allows the yeast to mulitply. IF you only treat the yeast, and don't treat the inflammation, you may not see great results.

Rebeccavet :

I mix a combination of anti yeast medication with ear cleaner and steroids for inflammation to treat these infections.

Since you were offline, I will try another format to see if you get my answer. Let me know if you have any more questions. Rebecca
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, are you saying to mix the monistat with ear cleaner? I have prednisone, but use it very sparingly b/c he can't get up to go outside easily (or often), he is old and gimpy otherwise healthy.


You could mix the Monistat with cleaner, to make it thinner, but I would also recommend adding a liquid anti inflammatory (which you can't buy over the counter). Your dermalone had a steroid in it.
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