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How long does parvo virus stay in house & yard(ground), & what

Customer Question

How long does parvo virus stay in house & yard(ground), & what is the best treatment to kill it?
Can you give pregnant female vaccine and What's youngest age to vaccinate puppies?
Are there any homeopathic treatments for parvo in puppies you recommend?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Kim Lewis replied 5 years ago.
The virus can last for months- the dog is contagious for 2-3 weeks. I can refer you to a homeopathic vet here if you like. Yes you can vaccinate pregnant female. I do not recommend vaccine in puppies before 8 weeks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Reread My first question- was for treatment for house & yard to kill parvo virus. I have read it lasting any where from 6wks to 7 years???? "The virus can last for months-" very general. I was hoping in asking a vet I could get a little more definitive answer. I live in phoenix Az where it's dry & hot, does that make any difference?

I already had pups & for the 1st time ever had parvo after vaccinating mother while she was nursing, & I gave the pups their 1st shot at 9wks old, yet the ones I had left still contracted parvo at 3&1/2 mo old. They started getting symptoms right before their second shot - which they did not get then. Out of the 5 I had left, 3 survived with 24 hr. home care & a LOT of Prayer & 2 died (only due to not enough $$ to get more home treatment from the vet on time)

I would like to have pups again, I have people wanting & waiting for pups between my full blood Dobie & a mix female of black & silver greatdane, pit bull, & bull mastiff. Beautiful & smart dogs I guess is why people want them. But now that I know how to work the advertising, I will not be holding on to them as long & hopefully all will have found a home by 8weeks old.
My original questions I was asking to begin with was to help me decide on how to do so & keep the puppies with enough of a continued boost of antibodies, since I now have had Parvo exposure. I believe they had the start of some immunity, but if I give the shots for the pups at sooner intervals, & maybe Mom while she is pregnant & while she is nursing??

REread my questions please
Expert:  Dr. Scarlett replied 5 years ago.
Sorry to hear about your outbreak of parvo--a tough disease for everyone.
Where possible, you want to clean your house and all surfaces with a dilute bleach solution, usually a 1 part bleach: 10 parts water is good. But read the bleach directions--it should say how to dilute it when using for virus disinfection.

I personally won't vaccinate a pregnant dog with a modified live vaccine. If you are doing planned breedings, however, vaccinating the mom just before breeding would work well and really boost her immunity to the virus. Make sure you have your vet do the vaccination to be assured that the vaccine has been shipped and stored properly. Buying it and doing it yourself is much riskier.

I also recommend vaccinating puppies starting at 6 weeks of age, particularly in these high-risk breeds. When a pup is born, it gets colostrum from the mother, which contains many antibodies. These antibodies start to wane over time, but there isn't a good way to determine when the pup is no longer protected by the mom's antibodies, so we vaccinate them every 3-4 weeks to try to "catch them". The vaccine won't cause an antibody response in the pup until the mother's antibodies in the pup have dropped to a low level. So I would vaccinate your pups at 6 weeks, then 9 weeks, 12, 16, and 20 weeks of age. Vaccinating the mother while nursing won't provide any additional benefits.

Here is a website that might be of use. Check the right side of the page for other parvo links and let me know if you have other questions.