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What could cause my dogs swollen paws?

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My dog has developed swollen paws all four are swollen and have become very smooth. She will no longer walk on wood floors as she slides all over the place. No injuries or lacerations. She weighs 20 lbs., she did have some problems with food allergies in April and she was on steroids and antibiotics. I switched her to Nature’s Balance food.


You could give her one over the counter diphenhydramine 2-3 times daily. I would do this for the next 2-3 days and also apply hydrocortisone cream to the feet twice daily. She most likely has environmental allergies and may have food allergies as well. She may need to go back on those medications but you can try this for a few days, if you want. I will provide a link for more information for you

The thing that you want to watch for is to see that the swelling is going down over the next two days. If so, you can keep going with this treatment. If it’s not responding, then have your vet take a look. If its infected, it probably won't get much better.

The other thing besides bacteria that can cause this is a yeast infection on top of the allergic response. This triggers a lot of inflammation as well.

Could that be why her eyes keep getting infected is a yeast infection. I told the vet I went to about her eye infection and she said there was no yeast infection. Said she had a bad case of allergies and told me to change her food.

ER Vet:
Dogs don't get yeast infections in their eyes. It is very common in the ears, less common on the feet. I think the eye problem is also coming from the allergies though. Just like people that get real itchy eyes from allergies. Food allergies don't cause eye inflammation. Its usually pollens or other substances in the air. One of the things I recommend is when you bring her in from outside, wipe down her body, especially her feet with a wet cloth. It can help cut down on the pollen on her and reduce allergies.

Also supplement her diet with a high potency supplement containing omega 3 fatty acids, especially EPA. I take these and give them to my dog, who has allergies.


Full Size Image

EER Vet:
An example is res 1250. You can get these at If you don't get hem there, look at the label and find something similar. You can give 1-2 capsules daily

Got the picture, great job!

Yes it looks like typical atopic dermatitis affecting the feet. It doesn't appear infected at this point which is good!

I would apply hydrocortisone several times daily. IF she licks it, it won't hurt but it may not work real well. Try to prevent her from licking it for 15-20 minutes so it can penetrate the skin

This is a real good link...more detail

Wonderful. I will take your advice and try some of those things and maybe we will get passed this. Thank you so much for the help. You just saved me a lot of money. Love this service.

ER Vet:
You're welcome!
Good luck!

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