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How much antifreeze will kill an 80lb. dog

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How much antifreeze will kill an 80lb. dog?

Welcome to Just Answer. Do you have a dog that got into antifreeze? How long ago?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no, he did not get into antifreeze---I just was wondering how much it would take to kill him. I,m not trying to kill him off--he's my best bud, and I'd be devastated if anything were to happen to him.
Ok. Ok antifreeze is 95% ethylene glycol. The minimal lethal dosage is 4.4 ml/kg in dogs (2.5 tablespoons for a 20 Lb dog) and 1.4 ml/kg in cats (one teaspoon for a 7 Lb cat). But, some animals are more sensitive due to underlying kidney damage or chronic renal failure and they need less.

There are other products like winshield de-icer that have ethylene glycol in it too.

If you ever suspect that Sammy has gotten into any, you need to get to the ER clinic or your vet immediately.
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