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Hi, I am very worried about my toy poodle, he suddenly paralyzed

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Hi, I am very worried about my toy poodle, he suddenly paralyzed from his mid back all the way to his lower legs. I was gone half a day yesterday, when I got home both my poodle and older chihuahua had the same symptoms, I gave the chihuahua half an aspirin and held her a couple of hours and she seems alright today. I have 4 indoor dogs, 1 toy poodle, 2 older chihuahuas and a Yorkie, only the poodle is week and only able to move him self with his front legs. I hand feed him. Please help. I did give my little poodle, Teddy about an 8th of an aspirin



Welcome to Just Answer. I'm very sorry to hear about this guy's paralysis of his rear legs. In all honesty, the most common cause of rear leg paralysis is a spinal cord compression. This occurs due to a disc that is compressing the spinal cord. At this time, this is very serious and needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian. I would get him into an ER clinic now to have him diagnosed and treatment options given. Here is a good link on this type of injury.

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