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My dog is suddenly lethargic and walking slowly. She also hasnt

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My dog is suddenly lethargic and walking slowly. She also hasn't been eating as much over the past few days. She hasn't eaten anything odd, she's only 4 and she is a very shy dog, so we didn't think she was acting so odd immediately. What are the symptoms for lyme disease in dogs? She's walking almost like she's arthritic or stiff.

Welcome to Just Answer. I'm sorry to hear about your girl's situation. Is she having any vomiting?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She vomited once several days ago, then seemed to rebound and be more like herself. The last day or so the lethargy has returned. Her nose is wet, gums pink, she just hangs her head though and doesn't have much interest in food.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She's not been around other dogs. We did take her on a hike about a month ago, checked her for ticks when we got home but found none. She doesn't like walks because she's afraid of people so she's not out of the yard much that she'd be exposed to other animals or plants, etc. that she could have eaten. Doesn't eat human food, doesn't get in the trash. She does like rawhides and chewing, but never had a problem like this before.
Ok. This is a situation where nothing seems to be very obvious. First, I want to say that the veterinary visit tomorrow is absolutely the best thing to do for her. A lot can be learned from an exam and some simple tests. Your concern for Lyme's disease is one that I'd consider pretty low on the list of rule outs. Usually the Lyme's pets have waxing and waning lethargy with fluctuating lameness of different legs. But, it doesn't always have to be exactly like that. As far as the vomiting a couple days ago, could she have eaten something that maybe has ended up getting stuck? Any time a dog's appetite is gone or greatly decreased, this has to be on the list. That could also cause discomfort, lethargy and walking slowly. Could she have some soft tissue injury that is causing pain and the signs your seeing are a result of this? Could she have a disc issue that is causing back pain? These are all possible and impossible to determine tonight what it is. I know you want to keep her comfortable and the best thing for this at this time is to find a quiet, restful place for her to just curl up and sleep. I wouldn't recommend giving her anything but her normal water and food to continue to allow her to get any that she wants. Then tomorrow having your vet check her over.
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