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Dr. Peter
Dr. Peter, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  16 years of internal medicine, surgery, and preventive care.
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Dog Veterinary

My dog is shaking, cannot walk straight. Lot of saliva also.

stumbling. She is regurgitating and... Show More
stumbling. She is regurgitating and she also has what seems to be saliva dripping from her mouth. Can you tell me what is wrong?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
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replied 6 years ago.


I would like to help. I need to ask you a few questions to be well informed and give you the best advise. There is no additional charge for information request.

1- Did she get into anything, like a poison or toxin?

2- When was the last time she ate?

3- How long has this been going on?

4- Take a look at her gums and see if they are pink like yours or pale?

Customer reply replied 6 years ago.

1. I dont believe she has gotten into anything, but she did just come back for from a walk about 30 minutes ago

2. she ate about a hour to 1 1/2 ago

3. this has been going on for about 30 minutes now

4. her gums are pink

Dr. Peter, Veterinarian replied 6 years ago.

When she came back from the walk she was fine, then these symptoms came on quickly, right?

Customer reply replied 6 years ago.

Yes. After her walk she came in to my backyard played with my other dogs for about ten minutes came in the house then the symptoms just came out of nowhere.

Dr. Peter, Veterinarian replied 6 years ago.

1- Can you look inside her mouth and see if you find a foreign body or evidence of anything she could have eaten?

2- How is she breathing?

3- Does she continue to walk stumbling?

Customer reply replied 6 years ago.

I don't see anything in her mouth. shes breathing very shallow. she still walking like shes off balanced and her nose is very dry

Dr. Peter, Veterinarian replied 6 years ago.

The symptoms your puppy is exhibiting could be related to toxicity/poison, cardiovascular disease and less likely Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or secondary to organ system problems like a Portosystemic shunt (vessel that bypasses the liver and dumps food into the circulation). I would recommend if you have access to ER veterinarian to have her checked tonight. In the meantime, what you can do is rub a teaspoon of pancake syrup, Karo syrup or honey directly into her gums in case if this is related to Hypoglycemia.

If you have additional questions I will be glad to answer them.

Customer reply replied 6 years ago.

I'm taking her to the vet now, so I will be satisfied.


Dr. Peter, Veterinarian replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for following my recommendations.

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