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Steve O.
Steve O., Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  I have 20 years of canine clinical and surgical experience
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my dog has a green cream like discharge on the tip of his penis

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my dog has a green cream like discharge on the tip of his penis but doesn't appear to be in any pain when urinating, he's a bernese mountain dog
Chat Conversation Started
Steve O. :

HI, I'm Dr. Steve Is the discharge coming from the penis or the skin that covers the penis (prepuce)?


It's coming from inside the penis right at the opening/tip and is thick enough to just sit there. I have wiped away with a tissue but it appears to come back most days.

Steve O. :

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX be sure, when you say penis do you mean the pink tissue inside the skin or the skin itself.


Yes inside the skin, rather than the skin itself. I presume its either sperm as he's maturing or a urinary or fungal infection?

Steve O. :

Thanks for clearing this up. A small amount of discharge is actually normal and is often caused by a minor infection of the inside of the prepuce that may get into the tip of the penis itself. Typically when dogs clean themselves in that area, they are addressing this issue. This does have to do with him reaching sexual maturity, but it isn't sperm and dogs usually don't have a discharge like you are describing with a fungal infection. Urinary tract infections usually show symptoms like frequent urination with blood present occasionally and only during urination, not like you are describing. I would consider this "normal" unless he begins to act painful when urinating, or you see blood or he acts lethargic. Good Luck. Please click the accept button if this has helped. Thanks

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