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My 2 yr old female English Mastiff began vomiting yesterday

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My 2 yr old female English Mastiff began vomiting yesterday morning. At first, it was 2 small amounts that appeared to be the result of eating a few pennies. She seemed fine but vomited a greenish/yellow bile later on. She finally ate something late yesterday evening just to vomit it up after midnight. She vomited twice and it was a great deal of vomit. It was very liquid but was the dark brownish color of her dog food. She only vomited once today and it was a very liquid brown again. Now, she is very lethargic and seems warm to touch. I have not fed her today but when I fed my pug this evening, the mastiff acted as if she wanted to eat. Wondering if she can wait until tomorrow to see a vet or if an emergency vet visit is warranted.
Hi, I'm going to try to help.

Did she vomit up the pennies or do you think they are still in there?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm not 100% sure. I was concerned that perhaps she ate more and that was causing a blockage but i know where she got the money from and it did not appear as though she consumed a great deal of it. She vomited up 3-4 pennies initially. We did not see any money in anything she vomited up after the initial 2 times she got sick
If she were my dog, I'd bring her in through an emergency service. Some pennies (depending on the date) are made with zinc, which is a serious toxin for dogs. Often we will call in our emergency endoscopy service to pull pennies out in the middle of the night if that's when we find them in a dog. I think it's important enough that I'd bring her in for at least and exam and xrays before she gets any worse. If it is either coins or an obstruction, it will show up on xrays.

I hope this helps you and Lucy.

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