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i am about to adopt a hybrid pomeranian / siberian husky mix

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i am about to adopt a hybrid pomeranian / siberian husky mix will this dog be okay mentally?
Hello there,

Where is the dog coming from?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the humane society
I suspect they are just guessing about the dog's parents. This specific mix is very, very unlikely. If the puppy is fluffy like a Pom, it may be a Husky/Chow Chow mix. Size is impossible to guess without knowing the parent's sizes. Male pups tend to be closer in size to the father and females the mother. Many Huskies do not make good pets. They tend to attack and kill other animals and like to hunt. A mix may have diluted this trait. Pomeranians make nice pets if properly socialized and trained. Chow Chows are not great pets either. I would inspect the dog's tongue and look for black pigment. If there is a black tongue or black spots on the tongue, Chow Chow is very likely as they are one of the few breeds with black tongues. If this is the case, I would choose a different pup.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i said the same thing and they said the father was a palmeranian and the mother was a siberian husky when i called you can look at the puppy on line at his name is XXXXX XXXXX daughter is in love and we plan to pick him up tomorrow at 4pm, but after talking to people at work everyone is saying they wonder how stable the dog will be because of the weird combination. Have you ever seen one? Do you think it would be okay? First dog my family has ever had, thank you tammy
I see the Husky for sure. I still doubt the Pomeranian, but anything is possible when a dog is in heat. That puppy looks way too large to have any Pom in him. I myself would never get any mix with Husky in it. I find the breed to be unpredictable and untrustworthy with children and other pets. Hopefully the mix will give the dog a better personality than is normally seen. There are exceptions to every rule. If the dog acts fearful or aggressive in any way, choose something else. Picking a dog should be based on home environment and planned use more than looks. Chow Chow puppies are the cutest pups you will ever see, but I would never own one or recommend them.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you and i had it backwards the father was husky and the mother is pomeranian. I will take the advice into consideration.
You are very welcome and good luck. I would have your vet do a behavior assessment on the pup as soon as you get it.