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Im worried, my dog ate a squeaker from a toy, I gave him peroxide

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I'm worried, my dog ate a squeaker from a toy, I gave him peroxide and nothing happened. My vet is not on call this week-end. Will he be okay until I can get him in on monday?

Hello there,


1- When did he eat the toy?

2- How much does he weigh?

3- How much peroxide did you give?

4- How big is the toy?

5- What breed is your dog?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. 3pm today

2. 80 pounds

3. 2 teaspoons

4. It was a "bladder" form squeaker

5. Samoyed male 11 year old with type 2 diabetes


He did this to me 6 years ago and ended up having surgery 2 days before Chirstmas.....

Should I be worried about bloat?


Thanks for your help.


I am sorry, help get an idea how big is this squeeker?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
A little bit bigger than a quarter, also he has type 1 diabetes NOT 2, sorry my mistake.

The dose of peroxide you gave was too small. It's been more then an hour so there is a good chance it may have passed into the intestine. Let's try to get him to vomit, if it is in the stomach we will get it out. Give him 5 ounces orally of hydrogen peroxide, if in 5 mins he does not vomit, repeat it again. If after the 2nd dose he does not vomit, he will not vomit.

If it is the size of a quater and he does not vomit it back up; it may be able to pass with the feces; during the next 2 days feed him rice (80%) & chicken (20%) and check his stool.

Let me know if he throws it back up.


Dr. Peter

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Its been more than 2 hours-I'm in the mid-west time zone. Should I just try the diet and hope for the best? I'll let you know what end it comes out of. If he isn't any better I'll take him to my vet monday.


Thank-You very much for your help Dr Peter

I would try to make him vomit; very often these foreign body stay in the stomach for a while longer then normal food; it is not going to hurt making him vomit. If you get it, great!!! If not, then go for plan #2. And if nothing comes out then followup with your vet.


Your Welcome. Good Luck!!!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I tried to get him to vomit but nothing-what about choking on it on the way back up?


I'll just hope it comes out the other end.


Thanks Again!

He cannot choke on it; it comes up the esophagus. At this time, just need to feed as I recommended above and hopefully he will poop it out. Do not give any peptobismol as this would slow down the GI and we don't want that.


Dr. Peter.

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