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What is the dosage of magnesium that I can give to my 12 year

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What is the dosage of magnesium that I can give to my 12 year old cattledog ? I read that it is good for them with allergies and for seizures. Is this true?
I need a little more information:
1. Does he have just food allergies or other allergies too?
2. What brand food is he currently eating?
3. What are his allergie symptoms?
4. How long was the seizure and what did it look like?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

#1- allergic to fleas, bermuda, st augustine, bahia grass

#2- from the company that did his testing, was Eagle pak's Natural(lamb & rice)

#3- bloated, and tears out his fur from the hot spots

#4- it happened yesterday (12/2) approx. 1min of foaming and not knowing us then he got excited that we was there, took him outside to go to bathroom but he was wobbely for a few more minutes. After that he wanted to eat everything in site and he wanted to play.

First off for his food allergies the Eagle pak's Natural would not be my first choice because in addition to lamb and rice it also contains chicken, egg and corn, all of which are common allergens. I would switch him to Science Diet Z/D or D/D (prescription from you vet), or a second best choice would be California Naturals Lamb and Rice or Natural Balance Venison and sweet potato.
I don't know what does of fish oil you give, but I find many people do not give enough. To really be effective with skin issues 1000 mg per 10 lbs per day is needed. I have not found Magnesium to be helpful for allergies.
As for the seizure. Magnesium can help a little for epilepsy, but you will need your vet to rule out other causes of seizures first with an exam and blood work. If no other cause is found then usually epilepsy is not treated based upon one seizure, but treatment is started when the patient has either more then one seizure a month, several in a row or one that lasts more then 10 minutes. If that is occurring there are other medications that are much more effective then magnesium such as Potassium Bromide or Phenobarbital.
Regardless, if you want to try magnesium anyway the dose is 1-2 mEq/kg/day. Beware it can cause diarrhea and should not be given if you dog has a history of bladder stones.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If I want to try the magnesium, what is the milegram ex.-10mg or 250mg? Also on the food, he has been on Eagle pak since he was 3. Should I go to the holestic/natural formula instead of changing the brand all together?
Holistic select should be OK, just compare formulas carefully and look for hidden ingredients.
1 mEq of magnesium = 12.3 mg Magnesium.
So give 12.3 mg per kg of body weight per day. Does this make sense?
You should have your vet check the blood levels of magnesium periodically to make sure the levels don't get too high.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I do understand the 12.3 mg to kg body weight. What happens if the levels of magnesium are too high? Is this toxic?

Very high magnesium in the body can lead to heart problems and neurologic issues.
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