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My dog has yellow vaginal discharge. What is this?

My female dog has had... Show More

My female dog has had some vaginal discharge (yellow/white and sticky) for the last couple of days? She is fixed, she is still eating drinking, and doing everything normally. Will it go away or is it an issue?

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I think this may be an issue. Vaginal discharge is not too worrisome to me in some cases. But those are usually intact female dogs with a bit of slimy mucousy discharge. Any time a fixed female dog is having white and sticky discharge I think it should be examined.

This could be a no big deal thing like vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) which could easily resolve with treatment or it could be something requiring a little more management like a urinary tract infection.

I would try to get her looked at. Be sure you don't let her urinate before her appointment so a urine sample can be collected.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
I will not be able to get an appointment with a vet quickly, since I just moved, so are there any other symptoms that i should look out for that would implicate a urinary tract infecton?

Yes. If you notice that she is feverish (you can check her temperature with a thermometer if you are able - normal is 100-101 or so), off her food, depressed, or squatting around in multiple spots to urinate instead of just going all in one spot.

Watch the discharge closely. If it develops a bad smell or begins looking yellow or greenish in color make her exam a higher priority.

You can use a mild antibacterial handsoap and a clean, soft warm wash cloth to keep her vulva cleansed and keep her from getting a further infection from the drainage as well.