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Dr. Shalet
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my dog is licking his lips a lot...(just like he does prior

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my dog is licking his lips a lot...(just like he does prior to vomiting). He ate dinner tonight with no problem. I'm not aware of anything he got into. He is not coughing. Nothing under his tongue, around teeth, etc. He is not coughing either. I felt something very far in the back of his throat. (im worried to mess with it...could that be his epiglottis)....or do you think something is in his throat?
Hello. It could be that your dog is feeling nauseous (though it is good that he is willing and able to eat).

Without seeing him I can not say if he has anything in the back of his throat though I suspect you are feeling his larynx.

Dogs do have tonsils in the roof of their mouth which are housed in crypts (small sacs). Often dogs will get a piece of grass or other foreign object stuck in their tonsils that can be very irritating. Sometimes these dogs need to be put under anesthesia and have the tonsils evaluated and foreign bodies removed.

If he is still licking tomorrow then you may want to make an appointment with your veterinarian to have him evaluated.

If he is a big dog and his abdomen is distended then have him evaluated immediately.

I hope this helps.


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