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My dog is behaving oddly. He is holding his head very low and

Resolved Question:

My dog is behaving oddly. He is holding his head very low and winces when anything comes near his head, ears or nose. The vet cannot find, as yet any serious problem in the ears and else where. He is being treated for allergic itch with Vanectyl-P. He was biting and scratching his rear end all last week, which has ceased since the above medicine was prescribed. But now he is slinking around, won't let us touch him and winces or yelps when anything comes near his head. There was an air show all weekend in our city and the noise from jets bothers him but I have never seen him so sensitive.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Doctor Jeff replied 7 years ago.
Certainly, the airshow could have been a stress for him. However, I would also be concerned for a bulging disc in his neck. These dogs present by hold their head low and protective, the winced when touched and often lay around to not aggrevate the soreness. You may have seen an improvement with the meds as there is a low dose of steroid, but this type of problem may require a greater dose. I would discuss this possibility with your vet. Some of hese become so severe they cause neurologic problems and require surgery. I don't expect that to happen, but it does occur in a rare case.
If he is strictly dealing with being spooked from the planes, I would give it a couple days, you are likely to see resolution.
I hope I have helped and give you direction.
Dr. Jeff
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