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Dr Pete
Dr Pete, Dog Veterinarian
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my dog seems to have clear liquid coming from his rear end.

Resolved Question:

my dog seems to have clear liquid coming from his rear end. There will be a puddle of water when she gets up. This had happened several times. She never has accidents in the house. It isn't urine.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 7 years ago.

Hi can I just clarify things first and ask some questions

  1. You refer to your dog as both “his” and “she”. Is it a male or female? Has he/she been neutered?
  2. How old is your dog?
  3. How long has this been happening?
  4. Does the wet patch appear to be from the rear end (genital area)? Not the mouth?
  5. How big a patch (volume or size)?
  6. Is your dog well otherwise? Eating/drinking ok? Alert and active?
  7. Could anything be stressing your dog lately? Emotional or physical?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
female dog, neutered, 4 years
happening off and on for a week
Her tail is wet and it look like it is coming out her rear. clear liquid no odor.
The patch can vary from a small puddle to the size of her body (70
Dog is fine otherwise. she has been in water swimming.
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 7 years ago.

Hi again

Thanks for the additional information.

Because she is neutered and because the liquid has no odour (or colour?) it is almost certainly urine. This is a common problem in dogs and it’s quite common for owners to not feel it’s urine. If you needed to be sure you could take a sample to your vet who will confirm it.

The only other source that we might consider would be a vaginal discharge as with vaginitis but this is usually thick and minimal or an anal sac discharge which is also minimal and very smelly.

So this will be urinary incontinence and it's quite a common problem in middle aged female dogs. Almost always it is due to a loss of tone (strength) in the bladder sphincter muscle. This is a circular muscle that sits at the neck of the bladder and is normally active, keeping the bladder closed. Sometimes it loses tone, mainly in female dogs and this is called urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence (USMI). It occurs more commonly is spayed dogs and is thought to relate to the loss of female hormones. Up to 20% of spayed female dogs will develop this problem.
In some dogs it will be intermittent, often occurring when the dog has been stressed by exercise, heat, illness or anxiety but in most cases it becomes a permanent issue and is not associated with any other problem.
There is usually a good response to one or both of two types of medication.
1. Hormone therapy. Estrogen hormone supplementation can be quite effective.
2. Alpha agonists. This refers to a group of medications that stimulate the sphincter muscle directly. This is the preferable treatment and phenylpropanolamine (Proin) is the most commonly prescribed medication. Less commonly, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are used.
In order to obtain a treatment you will need to see your vet. I would advise you take a urine sample with you as occasionally urinary tract infections can cause the incontinence. Your vet will be also be able to confirm that it is urine of course.

I hope I have been of assistance.
Kindest regards, Peter

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