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How long does it take parvo to run its course and it there a new strain out the

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I have 3 pups. One a little over a year one 4 months old and one 5 months old. All three appear to have parvo. All have only had the first series of shots. Hooch has had it 5 days now. Sadie is on her 3rd day and Buddy just started showing symptoms...Hooch has had a antibiotic shot but his vet didn't give him anything for the nausea. Hooch drinks water and today has managed to keep it down but he did have diarrhea however there was no smell to it. It was a dark brown. Sadie and Buddy so far have not had any diarrhea just throwing up....I use bleach water each time I clean up after them...

Hi there. I am assuming your vet ran the parvo test to confirm the diagnosis. If they did not, I would be sure to ask for this test so you know for sure. There is another viral disease that can mimic these signs but is much less severe.


WE cannot predict how long an animal will take to get over this disease. There are so many variables such as the individuals own immune system and the potency of the disease. In my experience, it has taken much less time for these guys to get over the disease because it does not tend to be as potent as it was in the past. In the past, nearly all puppies that caught the disease would die. Now, even with less intense treatment, they will almost all survive.


You have done great cloroxing all surfaces and you need to continue with the antibiotics and possibly an antiemetic to help with the nausea associated with this disease. Also, antidiarrheals will help decrease the time that they are ill.


Good Luck!!



Dr. Loretta

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you!
No, no testing was done. I'm not real sure it is parvo because of the way it's acting.
They go back to the vets tomorrow and I will ask him to confirm that it is actually parvo.
I still have some of the bag of fluids left from Hooch and will use some of it on Sadie and Buddy if need be. I will also ask him for antibiotics for all three and something for the nausea Not sure if I can give Imodium to Hooch. One other question. Both Sadie and Hooch appear to have some type of seizure in the hind quarters. It doesn't last long. I'll contine with the bleach. House smells like a bleach factory already. But, it's worth it if it kills what ever it is my furbabies have. By the way 2 years ago Harley had the same thing happen to him. His only lasted a couple of days after I took him in to the vets.
I think I'll explain how this seems to have started with Hooch which is the reason I don't accept that this is parvo.(I could be wrong) Two weeks ago this past Friday Hooch got sick. Diarreaha throwing up and a fever. I gave him something for the fever and the next day he was better. The following day he was his usual bouncing self. Then a week ago this coming Tuesday night he went down. That's pretty much his history with this illness he has.
HI again! You are really on top of it! Good job! This "seizure" you are seeing in the hind legs of Sadie and Hooch is most likely due to the diarrhea that causes the to be weak in their rear. This will cause spasms that mnay appear as a seizure. I am sure they will get over this with your great care!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok! Thanks again. I don't know if Im all that great taking care of them but I am trying.
I don't want to loose either one of them. Is it ok to give Sadie some honey til I can get her in to get her some antibotics? I have given her some pepto bismol which she threw some of it back up...
Yes, you can give Sadie honey. She needs some nutrition and glucose. I have also suggested Nutrical for these guys if they can keep it down. This is a high calories supllement that can be purchased from any pet store and gives them the vitamins and nutrients they require to heal.
Dr. Loretta and 4 other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you

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