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Dr Pete
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Is discharge from my dog's penis normal?

Customer Question

My dog has green discharge coming out of his penis, is this normal? Please help!

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.

In most cases this is normal. First, understand the anatomy. What most people call the penis in a dog is the prepuce or sheath. So this is the skin covered protruberance between his legs. The penis normally sits inside this sheath. Glands in the lining of the prepuce produces a lubricant and protective thick liquid called smegma. This is usually a creamy colour but can be slightly yellow or even green. This discharge contains high concentrations of white cells which is why it can look like an infective discharge (pus is a thick concentration of white cells). However this discharge is quite normal in most cases.
Now occasionally a dog will develop an infection in the prepuce and this is called balanoposthitis. When this occurs the discharge will become a lot more voluminous, sometimes will change in appearance and usually the patient will show signs of irritation by continually licking at the prepuce (usually in a frantic sort of way). Bear in mind that most dogs will clean themselves up daily anyway. If your dog is showing these signs then it may be that there is infection and you will need to have him assessed by a vet who may prescribe some antibiotic ointment. If the discharge hasn't changed in any way and there's no signs of irritation then it is probably quite normal.
Now just to be sure, if you mean the discharge is genially coming from the penis itself (remember this normally lies within the prepuce and occasionally extrudes) it is much more significant, usually indicating infection. If he is not castrated then prostate infection could be quite possible.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK what can I do to stop it getting everywhere?

Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.

Hi again
If the discharge has increased lately and that's why it's contaminating his environment then as I said previously that could indicate infection and it should be checked by a vet and treated if necessary. Usually that requires flushing of the prepuce and an antibiotic ointment instilled for a few days.
However if it hasn't increased lately and you feel there's no signs of infection as I previously outlined, then you can only manage the problem by washing him down. Using lukewarm water you should wash the prepuce opening each day and even using a very short milking action to help clean it out. The discharge will tend to be worse in the mornings after he first gets up as it tends to build up overnight. There is no way to reduce the amount of smegma that a normal dog produces. Some produce more than others. Note that entire dogs will usually produce more than castrated dogs.

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