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Dr. JD, Dog Veterinarian
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dog had chest infection 3 weeks ago, given antibiotics. improved.

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dog had chest infection 3 weeks ago, given antibiotics. improved. then 10 days ago went down hill again. been back to vet 4 times he said her lungs still fluidy, and she anaemic, shes had 2 b12 injections, 2 antibioticand one anti-inflammatory injections over the last week. now today started on augmentin and ventilin. collapsed in garden this evening straining to defecate, faeces very runny and contained blood, spoke with my vet and he said keep her warm, plenty of fluids, see what tomorrow, brings... she is almost 13 now, a cross pointer labrador, is now breathing very heavily and appears to have very painful stomach cramps causing her tummy to spasm painfully.... she doesnt mix with other dogs, my 2 other dogs show no symptoms at all and are in good health am wondering if there is any other course of action i could take, or any treatment recommended ? i know her age is against her and am aware it could be time telling on her body..... thanking you in advance... Ann



I am sorry your girl is having so much trouble...


In the immediate, definitely do keep her warm and dry, and you can offer her chicken and rice to eat (1/3 part cooked chicken, no skin, no bones, and 2/3 parts white rice) in small frequent feedings... it might help with the loose stool.. it is very bland and easy on the stomach as well as usually appetizing to them...


I would make sure there is no underlying heart disorder that is contributing to the symptoms you are seeing... ask your vet... chest x-rays are very helpful in discerning heart disease vs. pneumonia...


You can give her some pepcid tonight... it might help settle her stomach.. I can give you her dose if you can tell me much she weighs?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dear Dr JD...


im sorry for the delay in answering you.... sadly my Jessica passed away about an hour ago.... she was a much loved girl and will be greatly missed.


thank you for your expert reply and your kind workds



Hi, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It's never easy even when you know it's time..

My thoughts are with you.



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