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Dr. Jan
Dr. Jan, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  20 years of veterinary experience. Graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.
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my pug has had a loss of appetite,vomiting,and extreme weight

Resolved Question:

my pug has had a loss of appetite,vomiting,and extreme weight loss for about a week....we figured it would pass as he has been sick before...what could it be?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Jan replied 8 years ago.

I can certainly understand your concern with the symptoms you are seeing. I'd like to know a bit more:

1) How old is your dog? Has he been neutered?
2) How much weight would you say he has lost?
3) Has he eaten anything? Is he appetite getting worse each day or about the same for the past week? What is he vomitting (food, liquid?)
4) What was his problem before?
5) Does he ever eat things that he shouldn't (rocks, socks, toys etc)?
6) Is he passing stool? Diarrhea or normal stool?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

vito is 7 ,never neutered.....

I would say probably 5 to 7 lbs. for weight loss......hard to tell how much,but you can tell by looking at him..

appetite is about the same,which is next to nothing,he doesnt even want the treats he likes alot......he usually vomits bile,unless he has had something to eat.....only a few times in the last week has it stayed down and he has not thrown up....his problem before is just a doggy cold I guess.....not as active,. warm and dry nose

he does not eat things other than food or treats.

I dont think has has stooled for atleast 2-3 days,I did not get a chace to see it...too much snow on the ground......thanks Dr. Jan......................Gregg

Expert:  Dr. Jan replied 8 years ago.

The symptoms that you are describing are very worrisome.

1) How soon after eating does he vomit? Does he vomit after drinking water?
2) Will he eat his favorite foods? Have you tried canned food if he normally eats kibble?
3) Is he acting lethargic and listless too?
4) Are you sure he didn't get into something that he shouldn't have? Could he have eaten a favorite toy?
5) Any change in urination habits?
6) Do you have any other dogs? Are they sick too?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

when he does vomit I would say about 4 -5 hrs after..

he usually does not vomit after drinking water...he still has an appetite for that....

I will say that within the last three weeks or so he has been way more thirsty than normal which lasted for about 5 days.....It is winter here...I attributed it to keeping the heat higher than we normally did.....then he calmed daown with the water ,and about a week after the whole not eating thing started.....he will not eat his favorite foods.....usually sits at the table when we he just lays in the chair like he has no energy..listless but not lethargic....he will still pick his head up if you call his name.

I am pretty sure he did not get into anything,and his toys are to big for him to eat....No other pets......we have not tried canned food as figuring if he does not want a piece of steak he surely wont want canned change in urination habits......thanks

Expert:  Dr. Jan replied 8 years ago.
Hi again,

Based on the symptoms you are describing, I am concerned about something going on in your dog's intestines. That's an extreme amouint of weight loss for a Pug (assuming the normal sized Pug) in a short period of time. Since your dog won't eat but will keep water or liquids down, perhaps try some chicken broth. I recommend that you have your dog checked by your veterinarian sooner rather than later. Please let me know what happens.

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