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2007 Dodge Magnum R/T AWD 5.7L Hemi with all options and upgrades

Customer Question

2007 Dodge Magnum R/T AWD 5.7L Hemi with all options and upgrades except the side air bags and self sealing tires -New to me car (original owner is my friend and she sold it to me)
1.) My doors don't lock using the remote on the key or the button in the car on the door. I haven't done anything yet.
2.) Also my sunroof doesn't close quite all the way it has a small gap on one side when closed. I didn't notice it until I was inside it in the car wash and it leaked a small amount of water and I can hear a wind noise coming from it.
3.) This model doesn't have a in cabin air filter so I want to install one as I have terrible allergies, Where can I buy the housing for it so I can install an air filter. I cant seem to find any current websites where part numbers or links to purchasing the items I need is still active.
4.) The passenger side seat heater switch doesnt light up like the drivers side does, I am not sure if it still works or not though. I will test it today but wanted to include that just incase it helps with any other diagnosis.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 11 months ago.
Hello and welcome JustAnswer!For the cabin filter you'll need a 04806294AD and 04596501AB.The power locks not working may be wiring, multiple failed actuators, or it could be an internal failure in the instrument cluster. You can first try a battery disconnect and see if that helps, using a scan tool to check for fault codes would really be necessary. If the cluster sees current draw go too high then it will disable the locks and set a fault code.If a battery disconnect doesn't help then door panels can be removed to test for power and ground at the actuators as well as test the wiring, the circuits can also be powered from the cluster connectors to see if the locks operate.The sunroof issue may be a guide issue, glass adjustment, or possibly something foreign blocking movement. If it appears to open and close correctly and always stops in the same place then start by adjusting the glass position.If the passenger heated seat works yet the switch LED's do not work then the switch will need to be replaced.