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I have a 2007 Ram 3500 6.7 diesel in our shop that I'm

Customer Question

Good afternoon. I have a 2007 Ram 3500 6.7 diesel in our shop that I'm having a hard time troubleshooting. It came in with the CEL on and one code(P0037). I swapped O2 sensors 1 and 2 and the code did not follow. Still set the same code. I then installed
a new O2 sensor in position 2 just to be sure. Same code. I inspected the wiring going from the smart o2 sensor module to each sensor and then up to the firewall connector, no signs of chafing or corrosion. Then I installed a new smart o2 sensor module. With
the new module its now showing P0031 AND P0037. Any ideas what the problem could be? thanks Shawn
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Chad replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm back at the shop for the day now.
Expert:  Chad replied 1 year ago.

Visually inspect the O2 connectors (all) for any water intrusion, push outs, spread, or shorted pins. These DTCs can be set due to a problem with the ASD output circuit having voltage when the ignition key is in the OFF Position. If there is voltage on the ASD output circuit ignition OFF Position this can damage the O2 Sensor heater monitoring resistor internally within the PCM circuit board. NOTE: If the PCM is replaced per the diagnostics and there is voltage on the ASD Output circuit with ignition key OFF the NEW PCM will be damaged. Result in replacement again. Make sure the ASD output circuit is checked for any voltage with ignition key OFF and correct shorts to voltage before PCM replacement Note: Never jump 12 volts to the ASD output circuit(s) with the ignition key in the OFF Position. If all the above have been checked then PCM replacement is needed. See the service procedure for PCM replacement.