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Ryan-CTech, Dodge Enthusiast
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Technical-minded multi-skilled auto mechanic with over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of repairing, maintaining and servicing a diverse range of automobiles.
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i have an error code #P2459...any idea if this is serious?

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i have an error code #P2459...any idea if this is serious?

Dodge-Tech :

Welcome to JA!

It nothing too serious. Here is an explanation.

009305/P2459 - Diesel Particulate Filer: Regeneration Frequency

Possible Symptoms

  • MIL on

Possible Causes

  • Heavy loads on engine (towing)

  • Short trips in cold weather

  • Faulty Exhaust Pressure Sensors (G450/G451)

Possible Solutions

  • Change driving habits.

  • Inspect Exhaust Pressure Sensors (G450/G451) as per factory repair manual.

Special Notes

  • Depending on driving habits, soot can build up quickly in the DPF, thus requiring more frequent regenerations than normal.




We've been on aXXXXXtrip...not towing anything and mostly hwy driving. Is it ok to wait till we get home, another 1300 miles or so to get it checked out at the dealer I purchased it from

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I think so yes :)