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Dodge Stratus SXT 2005 Dodge Stratus 2.4L, Engine VIN J, PZEV,

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2005 Dodge Stratus 2.4L, Engine VIN J, PZEV, sedan I need to replace the transmission cooler line. I think its the outlet. I have 2 pics showing the line on my car that I can upload/link to.

On mopar website I found this pic (see link below).

It's #3 (TUBE, Trans Oil Cooler Outlet). But the pic doesn't look accurate. There aren't any clamps on either end and the line goes metal tubing - rubber hose - metal tubing. It does show the location though. Do I need to drain tranny fluid? Any special tools needed? At tranny tubing goes into a fitting (19-21mm?) with a rubber washer(?). At cooler both in and out are held by one bolt. I can't see past that yet. What are the torque specs? The leak has made a mess of a couple of wiring harnesses and goes down the harness to the sec. air pump connections (relay, maf ...). What should I use to clean the connectors and wiring of tranny fluid? DTC P0491 has been lit for while and I'm sure its related to the leak. I have a Haynes Book and but haven't found good info.

Hello and welcome to just answer. Let me see if I can help you with this. The fitting on the transaxle end requires a special release tool to expand the spring clip that secures the line. However, if you are careful, you can remove the spring clip with a small pic or pocket screw driver. pry the black plastic clip off of the fitting and you will see the spring clip. Then pull the line out of the fitting. You do not need to drain the fluid, but residual fluid in the line will leak out, so lay some shop towels down. You can clean the fluid that has leaked using a can of spray parts wash available from your auto parts store. I hope this helps, and let me know if you need more assistance with this.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
on the cooler side I removed the bolt. Do I just pull to break the seal ... is there anything special with this end. As far as the cleaner - is brake cleaner ok or should I get something "electronics safe". I need to clean off the wires and especially the harness connector.

Hang on, let me look this up. Yes brake cleaner is ok. I will be right back.



Ok, yes just remove the bolt at the cooler line fitting and pull it out of the cooler. You may need a flat bladed screw driver to help pry it out. There will be o rings on the line's fitting, and if they get torn or damaged should be replaced. When assembling the lines back into the cooler, apply a little trans fluid onto the o rings.



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