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Dodge says I need a new FCm module. What is this and what are

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Dodge says I need a new FCm module. What is this and what are the symptoms I should have noticed. The car is not starting or turning over and certain functions like the windows will not work. Radio, air work. Blinkers do not function when key is on either. Is this part of the immobilization system in the security seystem. My Key is broken and has been problematic in that the little demon red light blinks and the car turns over but will not start. This happens randomly. Then it works for 2 months without incident. Help.Just dont want to be sold a bill of good by the dealer!

Hello and welcome to just answer Dodge The FCM (Front Control Module) is a small computer that is attached to the under hood fuse box. This computer is responsible for controlling the lights, wipers, horn, and other body related accessories. The dealer has a scan tool (StarScan) that can diagnose the FCM's inputs and outputs. If the dealer diagnosed it as a failed FCM, then it probably is. If for some reason replacing the FCM does not fix your problem then the dealer needs to stand behind their diagnosis and repair and then re diagnose the issue for free. Ask them if they will do this before going ahead with the FCM replacement.

Hope this information is helpful, and please let me know if you need more assistance with this.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They are saying that the FCM is not responding at all and I need to replcae it in order to test everything else. They say they are getting inputs from the other modules but nothing from the FCM. I asked if they reflashed it, they said no because it's not responding. It's sounds dead but thats my assumption. They suspect that the PCM may be bad as well ( $840 ) Is the FCM module truly the gateway for all diagnostics of the electrical system or does it only control the items described in your answer. They are not willing to guarentee this is the only problem because they suspect another. 1245 to fix all this with no assurety that this is it. Not a comforting feeling. They could not even give me code readings from the FCM because it's none responsiveness. So I'm at a lost. Dont have 2 to 3 grand to guess with. Thanks for your answer. If there is any other insight you can interject please let me know.

The FCM is the gateway module and if it is not responding then it will need to be replaced before any further diagnosing can continue. Now the only other thing it could be is that the powers and grounds to the FCM are not present. So ask the dealer if they verified that the battery feed and ground to the FCM. If they did, then the FCM is bad and will need to be replaced and programmed. Now even though the FCM is bad, the dealer's scan tool should still be able to communicate with the PCM and see if it is on line or not, so ask them why they think the PCM may be suspect.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Excellent. I see why you have great rating. Thanks so much!!

You are very welcome, and thank you for the accept! Please let me know if you need more help with this!