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1999 dodge 2500 pu cummins diesel it has a code #po 1693 trouble

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1999 dodge 2500 pu cummins diesel it has a code #po 1693 trouble code in companion module it started the other day i was driving down the highway i had cruise cont set i tapped the brake to kick cruise off it wouldnt slow down i turned cruise off still wont slow down then it just quit & wont restart
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

THe P1693 sets in the powertrain control module (pcm) when there is a code stored in the engine controller (ecm). If your scan tool allows it (they're all set up different), read the codes from the ecm. If it won't give you any more than just that one, it would take a higher-end scan tool to do the job.

If you can get the other stored fault codes from the ecm post them here and I'll be able to shed some light on why it died. There are a number of things it could be.

If you can't get any more codes, start by making sure the transfer pump runs. If you are still using the stock pump turn the key on, bump the starter and let off. The engine mounted pump will run for 25 seconds and you'll hear it's distinct buzz.

If the transfer pump is ok open the fuse box and swap out the "fuel system" relay with another one in the box. This relay powers the injector pump module.

If this doesn't help you'd really need the rest of the stored codes to go farther without guessing at a fix. But, if you've got good transfer pump flow and the fuel system relay is powering up the pump module, you've very likely got a bad injector pump. There are a few different injector pump codes that may be set in the ECM as a result of this. The module mounted to the top of the injector pump can fail and cause it to die and not restart.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I thought it was the injector pump because it started last summer I was hauling a car down the hwy and it would lose power for a while then it would pick it up again when i got home I scanned it and it had a code for somthing in the injector pump then the prob went away I knew it would eventually quit I also am a master teck just knot familure w diesels

What you probably had seen was a P0216. This is injector pump timing failure, pretty much an internal failure code. It sets when it advances the internal timing and still can't keep up. A common cause for this one is a weak transfer pump. The only thing that lubricates and cools the injector pump is the incoming fuel and if transfer pump flow falls off it can do some damage as the pump keeps advancing to keep up with demand while starving for fuel. This would definitely put the engine into limp in at times, taking throttle response away from you momentarily.


Another one (and one that may also be set now) is P1688, it's an internal pump failure code. There is also P1689, this sets when the injector pump module isn't communicating with the ECM. Any of these three codes are a pretty good sign of pump failure, especially with a truck that won't start.



sprinkles08 and 6 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you