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1999 dodge ram 3500: my parking brake light and my abs light came

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1999 dodge ram 3500, my parking brake light and my abs light came on at the same time and remain on. What is the problem

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


Does your speedometer still work ok?


Do you hear a constant buzzing noise under the hood now that the lights came on?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
speedo still works and no buzzing
Ok. If the speedometer works ok we know the rear speed sensor is ok, a common thing to cause the ABS light to come on. If you have four wheel ABS you still have the front sensors as a possibility, and the module, hydraulic control unit, etc. It could also be a leak. A pressure drop in the system will cause the lights to come on with a code set as "foundation brake". Be sure to check the fluid level and check for any leaks before driving the truck. Give the front wheel speed sensors a visual inspection for any damage, and check all fuses. If everything visually looks ok the next step would be to have the codes read from the ABS module with an ABS capable code reader or scan tool. ABS code readers are starting to become more popular, it's possible that a parts store may be able to rear the ABS codes for free like they will do engine codes. If you could have the codes read and come back and post them here I'd be able tell you what to do to fix it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the fluid level is good and the front sensors are new as I have just recently replaced both front wheel bearings. I haven't checked the fuses

Ok. Make sure the front sensor wiring hasn't come into contact with anything and gotten damaged, make sure the connectors are still plugged in solid. If you replaced them with Mopar bearings the sensors are probably ok. If you replaced them with aftermarket bearings/sensors then a front sensor problem would be most likely. I've seen too many problems with aftermarket electrical parts than to ever use them. I had one truck a few weeks ago that I went through 3 bad aftermarket sensors before I finally was able to put in a factory sensor and fixed the problem.


If the sensor wiring, brake fluid and fuses are ok then the next step would to be to have the codes read and this will point us in the direction we need to look.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the bearings were aftermarket. if the sensors were the problem and I replaced them with mopar ones, would the lights go out when I replaced the sensors or would the system have to be reset?
The ABS light is just like an airbag light. When there is an active fault the lights are on, and when the problem is fixed the codes will go to stored and the lights will go out on their own. You could disconnect the batteries and clear the stored codes out also. It would still be best to have the codes read first bfore replacing the sensors again, I'd hate to see you spend the money on them and that not fix it.
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