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akcarguy, gen. tech.
Category: Dodge
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99 dodge dakota: lower control arm bushings..tricks..compressor

Customer Question

hi, replacing lower control arm bushings on my 99 dodge dakota r/t tomorrow. any special tricks that i need to know about? i have all the tools except a spring compressor and i was not sure about that one. i plan on putting the truck on stands and then jacking up the control arm to remove the lower ball joint and then releasing so the control arm will swing down so i can remove. am i on the right track?

thanks in advance

randy in kansas city missouri
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  akcarguy replied 7 years ago.
you sure are.... and you are right, you dont need the compressor, using the jack is good and safe, just rease real slow so it doesnt shoot out fast, it can go through a steel shop wall. ive seen it. one thing to remember, when you put in the new bushings, snug them down, but tighten them to book torque when you set the front end back down on the ground and make sure the tires are srtaight. if you tighten in the air, the front tires will have the wrong camber when you you set it level. and remember how many shims come from each side, if they have never been replaced in an alignmment, then they are the stock set and need to back in accordingly. and its just common practice to get an alignment done after a job like this.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks. how do i find book torque
Expert:  akcarguy replied 7 years ago.

check the manual at your local library, i cannot seem to find a manual for the front end, i have one on paper and one on disc and i cannot locate them. the libary will have a haynes manual with the apropriate torque specs, sorry