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1993 dodge dakota: change the a/c clutch

Resolved Question:

I need to change the a/c clutch on my 1993 dodge dakota How is this done ? Special tool ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Chris replied 8 years ago.

Hello and welcome to just answer Dodge. Here is the procedure for doing this. The manual talks about some special tools, but you can probably get by with out them. However you will need a couple of snap ring pliers.

Hope this information helps, and let me know if you need more assistance with this.





The refrigerant system can remain fully-charged during compressor clutch, pulley, or coil replacement. The compressor clutch can be serviced in the vehicle.


  1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
  2. Insert the two pins of the spanner wrench (Special Tool 6462 in Kit 6460) into the holes of the clutch plate. Hold the clutch plate stationary and remove the hex nut Compressor Shaft Nut Remove/Install
  3. Remove the clutch plate.
  4. Remove the external front housing snap ring with snap ring pliers External Snap Ring Remove
  5. Install the lip of the rotor puller (Special Tool C-6141-1 in Kit 6460) into the snap ring groove exposed in the previous step, and install the shaft protector (Special Tool C-6141-2 in Kit 6460) Shaft Protector and Puller
  6. Install the puller through-bolts (Special Tool C-6461) through the puller flange and into the jaws of the rotor puller and tighten Install Puller Plate Turn the puller center bolt clockwise until the rotor pulley is free.
  7. Remove the screw and retainer from the clutch coil lead wire on the compressor front housing Clutch Coil Lead Wire
  8. Remove the snap ring from the compressor hub and remove the clutch field coil Clutch Field Coil Snap Ring Remove


  1. Install the clutch field coil and snap ring.
  2. Install the clutch coil wire lead retaining clip on the compressor front housing and tighten the retaining screw.
  3. Align the rotor assembly squarely on the front compressor housing hub.
  4. Thread the handle (Special Tool 6464 in Kit 6460) into the driver (Special Tool 6143 in Kit 6460) Rotor Installer Set
  5. Place the driver tool assembly into the bearing cavity on the rotor. Make certain the outer edge of the tool rests firmly on the rotor bearing inner race Rotor Install
  6. Tap the end of the driver while guiding the rotor to prevent binding. Tap until the rotor bottoms against the compressor front housing hub. Listen for a distinct change of sound during the tapping process, to indicate the bottoming of the rotor.
  7. Install the external front housing snap ring.
  8. Check that the original clutch shims are in place on the compressor shaft and install the clutch plate. Use the shaft protector (Special Tool 6141-2 in Kit 6460) to install the clutch plate on the compressor shaft Clutch Plate Install Tap the clutch plate over the compressor shaft until it has bottomed against the clutch shims. Listen for a distinct change of sound during the tapping process, to indicate the bottoming of the clutch plate.
  9. Replace the compressor shaft hex nut. Tighten the hex nut to 14.4 N·m (10.5 ft. lbs.)
  10. Check the clutch air gap with a feeler gauge Check Clutch Air Gap If the air gap does not meet the specification, add or subtract shims as required. The specification is 0.41-0.79 mm (0.016-0.031 inch) If the air gap is not consistent around the circumference of the clutch, lightly pry up at the minimum variations. Lightly tap down at the points of maximum variation

    NOTE: The air gap is determined by the spacer shims. When installing an original, or a new clutch assembly, try the original shims first. When installing a new clutch onto a compressor that previously did not have a clutch, use 0.040, 0.020, and 0.005 shims from the clutch hardware package that is provided with the new clutch.

  11. Reverse the remaining removal procedures to complete the installation.


After a new compressor clutch has been installed, cycle the compressor clutch approximately 20 times (5 seconds on, then 5 seconds off) During this procedure, set the heater-A/C controls to the A/C (Recirc) mode, the blower motor switch in the highest speed position, and the engine speed at 1500 - 2000 rpm. This procedure (burnishing) will seat the opposing friction surfaces and provide a higher compressor clutch torque capability.



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