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My 2002 Dodge Dakota will not shift into 3rd gear. Reverse,

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My 2002 Dodge Dakota will not shift into 3rd gear. Reverse, 2nd and 1st works fine. When it is in Drive, it hits the first 2 gears, but when it tries to shift to third, the transmission disengages and the engine races.... Any ideas? Could it be electrical? A module?
It sounds like you have either low fluid in the transmission, which you check with vehicle running in neutral. OR you have a seal that has blown in the transmission. These usually are the two main causes of this. There is a small chance that it could have a valve body problem in the transmission. Have you had it scanned for codes yet?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have checked the fluid and it is right on the money. I was able to get my hands on a diagnostic tool and I am getting two error codes. P0733 and P0734. Incorrect gear ratio 3rd gear and incorrect gear ratio 4th gear. I saw another reply here and it says "disconnect your battery for a few minutes and go drive the truck. Feel each shift, and let me know what happens. Pay particular attention to the 2-3 shift. If it slips or freewheels when it should shift, you've probably got a problem with the overdrive clutch or its drive hub." Does this sound reasonable? If so, what does it take to repair? Thanks for you help!!!

If your truck has a 4.7 or a 3.7 L engine then it is very very likely that you have a seal blown on top of your valve body. THis is very common for this particular transmission. All you do is take your big connector off the side of the transmission and remove the pan, then take the 8mm headed bolts out(if you see an 8mm on the vavle body, take it off, these are the only size bolts that hold on the vavle body). When you get the valve body down, you will see 3 spots where you have cup seals. Alot of times one of these seals will blow out and slit on the side of the seal. If this is the problem you see and this is the transmission you have, then the seals may cost about 10 bucks and just pull the old ones out and put the new ones in. You may have to go to either a dealership or a trans shop to get them.

HWeaver184 and 5 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I removed the vavle body and discovered the bracket holding the spring loaded valves (sorry if I do not know the right terms) had a broken bolt on the corner of the bracket, by the end piston, and bent out enough to have the third gear piston sticking out as well. I found another screw that had come out (the screw under the third gear piston) and could have come out a while ago. I found a replacement bracket, installed it and put everything back and it is running like a champ!! The cup seals were fine, but you got me directly to the problem and saved me some bucks! The issue is, before I did this repair, I reset the computer by disconnecting the battery, which did not work, but when I did this, the Service 4wd light came on and I have no lights on the 4wd indicator switch. I checked the fuses in both the Power Distribution under the hood and the junction block and both were fine. I tried resetting again, after the repair, by disconnecting the battery. The Service 4wd light went out, but the indicator lights on the 4wd switch are still not on and it will not engage into 4wd at all. I am thinking it is somehow connected, but cannot be sure. Sorry for the long narrative, but want to be accurate..... thanks again for helping me get my transmission up and running..... I am actually getting 5 miles a gallon better as well.......

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