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Experience:  ASE Master Tech. Chrysler electrical/chassis master. 16 years in Dealerships
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2000 Dodge Neon: swapped..tranny..Plymouth..4k miles w/ harness

Resolved Question:

Brief explanation. Have a 2000 Dodge Neon 2.0 swapped engine and tranny from a 2000 Plymouth with 4k miles w/ harness. Original ECM caused engine misfire. Mechanic's computer couldn't read any codes. Suggested replace the ECM, did so with a reman.   This ECM had a problem with the #3 injector & has been corrected with another ECM, the injector circuit was bad. Now have a P1495 code which won't clear. This diag. code didn't show with the injector diag. code. I have the pump. So, I know what it looks like, but neither my mechanic or myself can locate the pump on this car. I've gone to the library and viewed Alldata's location diagram, still unable to locate the pump. Dealer said last 9 of vin shows a pump on the car. We know where the vapor canister is located, but certaintly can't locate the pump. Please help with good pictures if possible, or how to find this pump. we've looked everywhere. Is it possible there is no pump on the car? We're baffled and can't find it.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  a-mechanic replied 8 years ago.

Hi. I don't know if this helps but, straight from the service manual (there is no picture)It is near a sway bar It doesn't say front or rear. If you get me the vin I can double check if it has it or not.

  1. Raise and support vehicle on a hoist.
  2. Push locking tab on electrical connector to unlock and remove connector.
  3. loosen the sway bar bracket to remove the pump bracket.
  4. Remove pump and bracket as an assembly.
  5. Disconnect lines from LDP.
  6. Remove filter.
  7. Remove pump from bracket.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Unfortunatly, not enough detailed information or pictures provided. I have and my ASE Certified Mechanic has checked all rear areas on the passenger side of the vehicle behind and near the gas tank on the inside frame just to the left of the rear wheel looking for this component. We've also checked on the drivers side of the vehicle. He has even dropped the gas tank again. We've looked everywhere on the rear underside. We've also looked for the wire harness which is suppose to plug in the pump and haven't found this wire lead either. I have made contact with 1 local and two out of state Dodge Dealer part department's with the last 4 of the vin # XXXXX all state the vehicle has a Leak Detection Pump because their computer is not filtering this component out. So, the only thing they're able to indicate is that the component exist on this vehicle. It's possible the P1495 fault code is showing as the circut being open because there is actually no pump plugged in when there is none. I've come to think this LDP was eliminated because I looks like there is a filter mounted along side the Vapor Canister, but no LDP. The part department has even printed out a picture of this LDP shown underneath the mounting bracket. I've even called Chrysler Corp. to determine wether the LDP was installed during the vehicle's assembly, but they don't have installed component informaton. So, it seems this LDP doesn't exist on this vehicle. I'm trying to determine if some of the Neon's manufactured in 2000 or other years had eliminated this LDP.

I haven't made contact yet with the ECM remanufacture yet to determine wether the circut to the LDP can be disabled/turned off sofware wise since there maybe no LDP on this vehicle, but I need to conform wether there is an LDP or not before i tell them to turn off the circuit. This is really frustrating. I've even followed the lines / hoses from the Vapor canister, but it doesn't lead to anything connected to the LDP. it seems my mechanic could be correct indicating THIS COMPONENT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST on this vehicle.


Expert:  a-mechanic replied 8 years ago.
I agree. the 2000 neon I looked at out on the lot this morning does not have one. So I believe your ecm is looking for something that does not exist. the proplem with just putting a load or something in the circuit is that the pcm will still try to pass the test the leak detect pump will do. and the check engine light will come on with a large leak code or something to that effect. sorry I couldn't be more help.
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