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How do I replace the water pump on my 2002 Grand Caravan 3.3L

Customer Question

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Brad replied 9 years ago.
HelloCustomer and welcome to!

Replacing your water pump isn't especially difficult, but it a little bit of a pain to get to.

First you loosen, but not remove the pulley bolts. Then remove your belt. Next remove the pulley bolts, rotate the pulley and let it fall down in between the pump body and the pump hub.

Next remove the water pump bolts. You'll have to work around the pump pulley which makes it a bit difficult, but not impossible.

Next you'll remove the water pump with the pulley still hanging from the shaft. There is not enough clearance to remove the pulley separately, it must be removed with the pump.

Clean the mating surface where the seal mates with the engine, install the new seal onto the new pump (use just a little bit of gasket sealant to hold the seal in place if needed, but don't go crazy with it). Put the pulley onto the new pump, but let it hang from the shaft.

Install the new pump bolts... reposition the pulley back onto the end of the pump, install the pulley bolts.

Install the belt and tighten the pulley bolts.

Good luck!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Brad's Post: Do I do this from above or do I need to crawl under the van? Do you, off the top of your head, know the bolt size? I have a limited number of metric sockets and once I start I'll have no way to go anywhere. Thanks Dave
Expert:  Brad replied 9 years ago.
You'll most likely need to get to the majority of it from underneath the vehicle, as the pump is located on the bottom, at the rear of the engine.

As far as bolt sizes go, I'm not 100% sure, but most will be 10mm I think. There may be some 13mm and 8mm bolts in there too. You may want to purchase a cheap metric socket set from your local auto parts store beforehand just to be safe.. you can usually get a cheap 1/4" metric set for under $20.