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William D Mulneaux
William D Mulneaux, Auto Service Technician
Category: Dodge
Satisfied Customers: 224
Experience:  20 yrs experience, ASE, Dodge, GM certified.
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how do you remove the door panel of a 08 Dodge Avenger so ...

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how do you remove the door panel of a 08 Dodge Avenger so that I can get to the door speaker assembly and install new speakers?

Welcome to Just Answer,

1.) Remove the cover on the pull handle and you will find 2 screws.

2.) Remove the triangle shaped piece behind the mirror by prying, it is attached with snap in clips.

3.)Remove the screw from the door handle

If you have any more questions, just ask, I can dig up a couple of diagrams if needed.

Good Luck,


William D Mulneaux, Auto Service Technician
Category: Dodge
Satisfied Customers: 224
Experience: 20 yrs experience, ASE, Dodge, GM certified.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to William D Mulneaux's Post: This is as far as I had gotten when I tried to do it the first time... I'm not sure what to do after I get the 3 screws out and remove the pull handle and the door handle. Do the pieces of the panel just snap off? How to a get to the speaker? I don't want to pry it off to hard because I don't know if it will break. Please let me know.


When you have all of the screws out, pull straight up on the door panel. If this does not work it is snapped in. I apologize I work on so many different Chrysler products I can not remember specifically on the Avenger if it is snapped in or not. If there is any doubt I lie under the door and pry the bottom out enough to shine a flashlighlight in there and see whats up. If they are snapped they will be tight as well as making a pretty disturbing sound when the pop loose.

I know this is vague, I have to work tomorrow I will look at the JS body I am working on and let you know for sure if that is not to late. I should be able to get a definite answer for you before noon central time tomorrow.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok that would be great becuase I just tried again and it didn't seem to budge.

Pry out the bottom of the panel once you get a couple of snaps to pop loose it will get easier. It is snapped in.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It looks like there is a total of 3 panels. Is this true? The bottom panel (where the speaker is) seems to be connected around the edges. The middle panel (where the handle is) is the only one that seems to be a little loose. Where exactly should I start prying? Where exactly should I pull up? Do all the panels come off seperately or is it just one? Maybe a pic could help..


1.Remove side view mirror flag ) .
2.Remove inside pull handle .
3.Remove screw (1) from inside door handle.
4.Using trim stick C-4755 or equivalent, gently pry trim panel upward from door.



1.Using special tool C-4755 or equivalent, gently pry upward on trim panel disengaging trim clips from door (1).
2.Remove mirror flag (2) from door (1).



1.Pry upward on handle cover exposing screws.
2.Remove screws (1).
3.Remove pull door handle from door panel.



after removing screws -- pry upwards- ihope this helps you , thanks tim


Carefully insert a screw driver wher I have the arrow. gently pry out from the door after you get a couple of clips to snap loose you can get your hand in there to pop all around the perimiter of the door. You will have a rod that connects the door handle to the latch. The panel is all one piece.

Good Luck,