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Leo, Auto Service Technician
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2004 dodge: V8..the cam shaft position sensor..truck started

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i have a 2004 dodge ram with a 4.7L V8 i recently changed the cam shafts out and my truck ran then it just shut down i havent been able to get it started i have done every thing i reset the computer about a million times and i had to replace the cam shaft position sensor because it had contacted the ring it times off of and it wore it down. and i am still not able to get my truck started. i have no idea why it wont start please help me.
Hi, and welcome to Just Answer!

After you replaced the camshafts, the truck ran for a while, and then quit? Is your check engine light on? If it is you can retrieve the codes by cycling the key on-off-on-off-on then watch the odometer, let me know what (if any) P codes appear, they would be very helpfull to us. Also have you verified the engine timing is correct since it quit running?

Any information you can provide me about what you've done since it quit running would help us out.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
well i got a code for an oil pressure low voltage p0522 but i am not sure if that would keep the engine from running
Hi Again,

Nope, that won't keep it from starting.

Have you verified that the engine crank / cam timing is correct since it quit running?

Does it have spark? Fuel pump running?

You've been cranking it over I assume? Try this, unplug the camshaft position sensor and see if it starts. It'll take 20 seconds or so of cranking before it will fire. Don't run it long like this, just enough to see if it will start.

I can probalby get you pointed in the right direction if we work together on this.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
well it tried to fire but didnt actually run but i have a thought that the sensor and the timing wheel are out of alignment so the sensor isnt picking up the gaps in the wheel. but the fuel pump works and the engine will crank but i am taking the valve covers off to verify the cam shafts timing with each other.

I'd be more concerend with the crank / cam timing relationship. If it's out of sync, typically the computer won't start the truck.

If it had started with the cam sensor unplugged, I'd say it was a tooth or so off. The fact it tried to run, but couldn't makes me think it may be several teeth off, most likely on the crank sprocket, the cams will probalby line up with each other. You should be able to line the mark up on the damper with the TDC mark on the front cover, then check the cams. I've included a picture of what the cams should look like for reference.

If you don't mind, could I ask why you replaced the camshafts (performance cams?). I'm also concerend about the cam sensor contacting the tone wheel, I'm not sure how that could happen unless something was very wrong.. I would recommend checking the bolts that mount the timing gears to the camshaft while you have the valve covers off.

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