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2000 Dodge caravan: turn signal..headlights, tail lights, brake lights

Customer Question

No turn signal or hazard on 2000 Dodge caravan. I replaced the turn signal flasher and my combination switch works. I have headlights, tail lights, brake lights and back up lights. Just bought the van. The night I test drove it I had turn signals. Picked up the next night and had none. What else is there that could cause this problem?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Roy Colquitt replied 10 years ago.

Welcome to JA,

How did you determine the multifunction switch is good?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Roy Colquitt's Post: Was bought brand new Friday from simmons and rockwell.Sorry that was the flasher. We removed the combination switch from our van and hooked it up to my husbands brothers van and it work on his.
Expert:  Brian W replied 10 years ago.

It sounds like the body control module is bad. You will need to test the dark green and red wire at the BCM c2 connector for output to the lamps, your test light should flash.

Also use a test light at fuse 14 under the hood and fuse 12 under the dash. The body control module is located to the left of the steering column. Here is a diagram for you.



I hope this helps if so an accept is appreciated.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Brian W's Post: There is juice to all fuses, and at the BCM c2. However when the multifunction switch is removed testing the connector that plugs into the combo switch the one wire that is suppose to read live at all times wasn't.
Expert:  Brian W replied 10 years ago.
Which wire are you refering to at the switch? If you had power coming out of your C2 connector than you would have power to your turn signal lamps, please explain how you tested this.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Brian W's Post: The person I took it to used a 12V tester on both.
Expert:  Brian W replied 10 years ago.
Which wire at the switch does not have power? Was the C2 connector plugged in or disconnected? Can you please be more specific?
Expert:  Dodge Tech replied 10 years ago.

Hello TSanford, I have seen this before. push the hazzard switch and then try your turn signals. What I have seen before is the hazzard flasher is bad therefore when hazzard switch is on, nothing happens including the turn signals wont work. So if by pushing your hazzard switch and then trying your turn signals they should work, if so replace the hazzard flasher.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Dodge Tech's Post: We have done that and nothing seems to work. The flasher I bought was a double. Wouldn't that be my turn and hazard flasher? As for the wiring that showed no juice I believe the mechanic said it was a blue and black wire/s. The previous owner just stopped by lastnight and also informed me that the van should have daytime running lights (stated that its just the park lights.) I'm getting very frustrated, and wishing I never bought the darn thing.
Expert:  Brian W replied 10 years ago.

You have somthing called a combination flasher which works both turn signals and hazzards, I guess DT did not read your first post.

Pin 7 at the connector is blue and is your Fused ignition switch output if you do not have power to this wire with the key on, that is your problem.

Pin #8 is the ground circuit.

Is there anyway you can swap BCM's with your brother in laws van.