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2000 dodge dakota: quad cab..right front..brakes..noise goes away

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I have a 2000 dodge dakota quad cab. There is a clicking noise coming from the right front when the truck is in motion. When the brakes are applied the noise goes away. The rotors have been replaced and new ceramic brake pads have been added. The work was done by a dodge dealership. They have been unable to figure out the problem. I've taken the truck to Midas, Dobbs and a local shop they have all taken my money but not fixed the problem. Any idea what is causing this problem?


The root of your problem is laterall movement of the brake rotor causing the pads to move in their mountings.

The question is why. The most common treason for this is simply distorted rotors or dirt and rust in the mounting surface area. I find it strange that no one has found that. The use a a dial indicator on the rotor will prove the theory. Any more than .005" movement is too much.

In rare instances, this could also be caused by a bent flange on the wheel hub, but that would be very rare and would have to have been caused by a collision of some type.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Chrysler man's Post: Thanks for the reply. The rotors are less than a month old and they have already turned them. The truck hasn't been in an collision. The guy at dobbs threw out that the anchor bracket might need replaced. Might doesn't cut it when it cost over $800 dollars for the repair. What do you think about his suggestion. I will take the truck back to the dodge dealership and have them check out the rotors with your suggestion in hand. Man I hope that is all it is. I appreciate your time in helping me with this issue. Once I get your reply back I'll be sure to accept so you receive payment.


No, it's not the anchor bracket.

It is possible that there is a problem with the rattle clips also but i think it's a rotor problem.

Tell him to uses a dial indicator on the rotors with them bolted down securely to measure the runout. It's going to be a rotor or rotor mounting problem. It doesn't mean anything thhat they cut the rotors, in fact that may be how it happened. The cut is only as good as the guy that mounting them. If they aren't mounted on the lathe straight, they won't be cut straight.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Chrysler man's Post: I have a totally different question for you in reference to an error code. I don't want to piggy back off this question, "it isn't fair to you". If I resubmit a question can I ask for you?

Once you have accepted one of my answers, you will have the option of requesting me in future questions.

I would also use my name in the title to be sure other experts see it. If your planning on doing it now, I will watch for it.

I assume your taliking about the same vehicle so it will be in the same category. i have a different name in other categories.

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